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Carrie Fisher needs to stop telling people she slept with another woman's husband
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 18, 2016

This story was written before Carrie Fisher's death. 

Somebody needs to tell Carrie Fisher to stop going around here telling folks that she slept with another woman’s husband.

In her new book, Fisher told everybody that back in 1976 she had a sexual relationship with then married Harrison Ford.

According to Fisher, the relationship began when they were filming Star Wars: “We were having an affair, so there was something to base some security on, I don’t know. There was chemistry there and you can see it. So I don’t know which came first, the chemistry in the film or the chemistry in the world.”

Whether it was “the chemistry in the film or the chemistry in the world,” Fisher made the decision to sleep with another woman’s husband without that woman’s permission.

Sure, Fisher was 19-years-old and Ford was 33-years-old. She was Princess Leia and he was Hans Solo. But hell, that isn’t enough to justify them doing it off set!

And by the way, this isn’t a situation whereby she’s accusing Ford of forcing his way into her special garden.

She’s made it clear that she freely open the gates to let him into her special place.

So that bit about Fisher being only 19, young, and impressionable just won’t do.

Fisher was a 19-year-old grown woman who knew fully well the consequences of her lustful actions.

The evidence in this shameful pudding lies in the fact that she kept a journal, detailing her shameful affair with a married man.

And now 41-years-later, Fisher is making money off of her sexual relationship with Mrs. Ford’s husband.

For his part, Ford doesn’t want anything to do with this little-tell-all. Fisher said that when she approached Ford about her little tell-all he said, “Lawyer!”

In response, Fisher told Ford, “-I won’t write anything that you don’t want. I mean, I’ll show it to you before and you can take anything out that you want taken out. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

Yeah, she doesn’t want to make him “uncomfortable.” A person must ask, “Why is it that he would be uncomfortable but she isn’t?”

The only reasonable answer to that question is that Fisher doesn’t believe she did anything wrong when she decided to sleep with Mrs. Ford’s husband.

As far as Fisher is most likely concerned, she was only 19-years-old and she didn’t know any better.

However, that shit goes out the window when looking at the fact she is now making money off of her indecent relationship with Mrs. Ford’s husband.

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