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Chris Christie held on to his nachos while he argued with a Cubs fan
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 31, 2017

One thing I will say about ol’ Chris Christie, he’s not gonna drop his cup of nachos for anybody.

On Sunday, during the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs game, Christie got into it with a fan.

While Chris Christie was walking back to his seat with his nachos in hand, a fan, who WISN identified as Brad Joseph, told Chris Christie “he sucked” and that he is “a hypocrite.”

Now mind you, the fan admitted to starting with ol’ Christie there who was just trying to get back to his seat and eat his nachos.

Joseph told WISN reporter Ben Hutchison that he hollered at Christie, who was a good ways away, that he is “a hypocrite because I thought it needed to be said.”

Luckily for Joseph, Christie was too hungry to tell his security guards to whup his (Joseph) hide and therefor decided to use his words instead.

Joseph told Hutchinson that Christie hollered at him, “Why don’t you have another beer…tough guy?”

Considering the fact that beer is probably what led to Joseph’s uncouthness, a beer was not what Joseph needed in order to calm him down.

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