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Cold temperatures kept a woman’s
body from deteriorating, allowing
doctors to bring her back from
a six-hour death
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 12, 2019

The cold can be a blessing and a curse that can knock you out, but keep you in tact long enough for the docs to bring you back; just ask 34-year-old Audrey Schoeman Audrey Schoeman was out with her husband, Rohan Schoeman, just taking in all of nature’s beauty surrounding them.

It was a cold, snowy day, back in November when the young married couple decided to go hiking up the Pyrenees Mountains so they could see all of nature’s beauty.

There was snow resting a top of the mountain and blanketing the trees. An aqua blue river was flowing, down below, in between the trees. Maaannn, it was a beautiful thing to see, I tell ya, a beautiful thing to see.

But uhhhh…there is this one thing, though. Beauty tends to be deadly. She takes victims as they come into her path. She doesn’t care about the pain and sorrow she causes. To beauty, it’s just another notch on her belt.

And like so many, Mr. and Mrs. Schoeman didn’t fully comprehend what they were walking into. All they knew was they were surrounded by nature’s beauty and there’s no harm in the beauty of nature.

But oh, What fools we are to not see the scared, charcoaled heart of the beautiful dame before us.

The temperature dropped rapidly as the snow began to fall consistently. Mr. and Mrs. Schoeman didn’t pay any never mind to any of the signs around them. They just kept walking, trekking up the mountains until suddenly, Mrs. Schoeman breaths became shorter.

One, two, three, four, and five turned into one, two, three, and then one. Suddenly, Mrs. Schoeman’s body drops. Seeing his wife’s lifeless body, Mr. Schoeman quickly falls to his knees, praying while trying to breath life back into her. “I was trying to feel a pulse…I couldn’t feel a breath, I couldn’t feel a heartbeat,” is what the BBC says Mr. Schoeman told Catalan channel TV.

“She looked as though she was dead,” the BBC quoted Mr. Schoeman as saying in a statement. It appeared as though nature’s beauty was going to get her notches. Mrs. Schoeman was being ferried on the river sticks of death to Hades, while darkness surrounded Mr. Schoeman, who too was quickly becoming a victim of nature’s beauty deadly grasp.

The attempt to revive his wife and the dropping temperatures had worn him down so that he was nearing the end of his road. His heartbeat became slower. His body began stiffening as his bones began to lock.

Two hours had past and it seemed like the young couple would meet up on the other side. But low and behold, a bright light appeared. It was the rescue team who had come to take the young couple off to the Barcelon Vall d’Hebron Hospital where doctors used a specialize machine to warm up Mrs. Schoeman’s body to 30 degrees Celsius so they could bring her back to this side of life.

Dr. Eduard Argudo let everybody know that the young woman would’ve been a gonner if it hadn’t been for the cold. “If she had been in cardiac arrest for this long at a normal body temperature, she would be dead,” is what the doc told the BBC.

After spending 12 days in the hospital with the angels in white coats who brought her back to life, Aubrey Schoeman went home with only a few problems like moving her fingers, and toes. That didn’t last long, though. She’s able to move all ten fingers and all ten toes.

She’s a lucky lady, I tell ya, a lucky lady!

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