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Congressman Ted Lieu offers to buy Pizza Hut pizza for Twitter employee who took Trump
off Twitter
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 3, 2017

Congressman Ted Lieu tweeted that he would buy Pizza Hut pizza for the Twitter employee who took Donald Trump’s Twitter account off-line for 11 minutes last night.

Yep, Congressman Lieu is giving a nod to Pizza Hut and a knock at Papa Johns’ owner John Schnatter; who got himself into some hot water after he blamed the NFL protest for his company’s poor sales.

As for this whole bit about Trump being locked out of Twitter for 11 whole minutes, Twitter said one of the company’s "customer support" employees locked Trump’s Twitter account and the company is investigating the matter.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin reported that Twitter is instituting new policies to ensure this doesn't occur again.

The employee was completing his/her last day at Twitter when he/she decided Trump needed a Twitter time out.

After Trump was allowed back into the Twitter community, he decided to tweet about everything and everyone under the sun; including the employee who locked him out.

However, some folks are praising the Twitter employee; saying he/she deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for placing Trump on mute for 11 whole minutes.

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