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Olive Veronsei;

Olive Veronsei Coors Light Tweet

Coors Light answers 93-year-old Olive
Veronesi's call for more beer
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 14, 2020

Coors Light has answered 93-year-old Olive Veronesi’s call for more beer in order to help her get through the Coronavirus (The Big C) pandemic.

Last Friday, Mrs. Veronesi looked in her refrigerator and noticed that she was running low on beer. “I’m low on beer,” is what Mrs. Veronesi more than likely said as she searched the refrigerator for extra beer cans. Mrs. Veronesi had grabbed her keys and was about to make a quick run to the store when the phone rang. It was Mrs. Seltzer, on the other end.

    “How are you do today, Olive?”

    “I’m fine, dear. And yourself?”

    “I’m watching the news. They say those young people in their 60s
     can go out. I remember my 60s. How young I was, back then.”

It was at that moment that Mrs. Veronesi decided that she better err on the side of caution. “I have to go, dear. I have a pot of water that needs tending to.” Mrs. Veronesi hung up the phone and called a relative who decided to help her out by placing her desperate call for beer on Facebook.

“I Need More Beer!!!” is what Mrs. Veronesi wrote on a dry white eraser board.

Olive Veronsei;

The folks over at KDKA heard about Mrs. Veronesi’s need for more better and decided they’d help her out, too, by placing her picture and story on their Facebook page.

The post got over four million views. Pretty cool, huh?! The folks over at Coors Light thought it was pretty cool, too! That’s why on Monday they tweeted:


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