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Cuba Gooding Jr. got told off for trying to look at Sarah Paulson's ass
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 28, 2017

Folks didn’t like it that Cuba Gooding Jr. tried looking at Sarah Paulson’s ass. During the American Horror Story casts appearance on Sunday at the Paley Center, Gooding decided to go back to his Boys in the Burbs days and lift up his cast member's, Paulson, skirt.

And just like a little horny suburban boy, Gooding became giddy while looking at Paulson’s “goodies.”

So acting like the little boy he sometimes is, Gooding tried touching Paulson's cookie jar.

Once she realized that Gooding was trying to grab her cookies, Paulson slapped his hand away while also laughing off his childish behavior. Folks at home, however, weren’t having it.

Folks began tweeting about what nasty, no good for nothing ol’ Gooding there is. Folks are right. Cuba Gooding Jr’s behavior was childish, nasty, and good for nothing.

All he had to do, if he wanted some of Ms. Paulson's goodies, was to be a gentleman and try to woo her.

Gooding could’ve started a conversation, a respectable conversation that is, and just take things slowly.

Now, now, now I know she’s in a relationship. But HELL, there’s always hope. What did President Obama say, “Hope and Change,” that’s the thing?

By being a gentleman, Gooding could've made his hope a reality that Paulson had a change of heart. Hell, who knows, she probably would’ve given him some of her cookies.

Go on and check out the tweets below about Gooding’s non-gentleman like behavior.

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