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DNC CEO resigns after Wikileaks releases voice mails
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 3, 2016

Democratic National Committee (DNC) CEO Amy Dacey resigned today. Her resignation came a less than a week after Wikileaks released the DNC’s voice mails.

It appears as if Dacey knew her time at the DNC was limited. Yesterday during an appearance on CNN’s “Wolf,” Joe Johns told host Wolf Blitzer that his sources said that Dacey had secured a job before she submitted her resignation.

Johns also reported that Dacey’s resignation is one of many to come. Johns told Blitzer, “The DNC, apparently, is moving in the direction of a bit of a house cleaning here.”

Prior to Dacey’s resignation, Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepped down as the chairwoman of the DNC.

Wasserman-Schultz resignation came after Wikileaks released a series of emails showing that the DNC was supporting Hillary Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Donna Brazile, who briefly served as the interim chairwoman of the DNC in 2011, is again serving as the interim chairwoman of the DNC.

According to Johns, Brazile, who was also a contributor to CNN, decided that it was time to “upright the ship” and clean up the DNC’s image.

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