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The DNC forms a committee to investigate why the Democrats lost during the 2014 Mid-Term elections
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 20, 2014

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that she has formed a committee to research why the Democrats lost several races during the 2014 Mid-Term elections.

During an appearance on PBS’ News Hour with Gwen Ifill, Schultz said that she believes one of the reasons why the Democrats lost is because they are not getting the same support in the mid-term elections as they do during the presidential elections.

Schultz told Ifil, “… but what we seem to be having a problem with is a disconnect between voters who support our agenda and our presidential candidates and then aren’t going to the polls and voting in midterm elections.”

Shultz pointed out that the Democratic issues of minimum wage, gun safety, and the right to choose were supported during the midterms but that the Democrats must find a way to link their policies to their candidates so they can persuade their base to come out and support them during the presidential and mid-term elections.

Ifill questioned if the Democrats will be successful in future elections considering that the leadership is older and potential party leaders like Michelle Nunn and Wendy Davis lost handily during the midterm elections.

Schultz said that there isn’t a leadership deficit in the party and that they will be able to win elections in the future.

The chairwoman said that she has formed a committee to do an extensive review of why the Democrats lost and to meet with state and local leaders to find a solution that will enable the party to move forward.

Schultz said that the committee will report their findings during the DNC’s first meeting in February.

The last time a majority Republican congress controlled congress with a Democratic president was in 1999 during former President Bill Clinton’s tenure.

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