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Dave Chappelle gets that politics is all f-ed up
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 26, 2016

Yep, Dave Chappelle gets that politics is all fucked up and that no one should be shocked by the election results.

The ascension of thrice married, ex-reality TV host Donald J. Trump to the presidency and the fall of the House of Clinton had many people asking, “What the hell?!” And the answer to the “What the hell” question is that in politics the unexpected should always be expected.

However, this is difficult to do when a person lives in a bubble and is not always affected by the unexpected.

During his Saturday Night Live Election Night sketch, Chappelle joins a group of Hillary Clinton supporters who are living in their own little bubble.

He sits nonchalantly amongst a sea of his fellow Americans who are over joyed about the possibility of having a woman president.

Chappelle just looks around at the happy faces as if to say, “Poor bastards don’t even know what’s about to happen.”

And what’s about to happen is a thrice married, ex-reality TV host is about to become the president-elect.

The election results come rolling in and Florida’s poll results are bouncing around like a rubber ball.

Although there is uncertainty about where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will fall, the proud Clinton supporters are bound and determined to “keep hope alive.”

Chappelle, however, sees the writing on the wall. And as expected, the proud Clinton supporters don’t pay him any never mind.

They instead decide to rationalize the obvious with common quips about the election being rigged and even “black people vote late.”

Not recognizing their own stereotypes about the black American segment of the Democratic base, Clinton supporters hurry back into their bubbles and continue to beam over the thought of having their “first woman president.”

But as the night dragged on, it becomes ever so clear that black folks, white folks, and other folks in Florida, North Carolina, and the rust belt states have all decided that they are not “with her.”

The reality of this fact causes the women in the room to request a Vicodin or two and the men to hit the bottle like it’s their last night of freedom.

Chappelle, who has been joined by Chris Rock at this point, gets himself a good laugh out of the fact that Clinton supporters don’t realize how their concealment of themselves into their little bubbles has contributed to this presidential race being all fucked up.

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