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Donald Trump Standing Outside the White House;
Donald Trump
tweeted that Russia helped him to
get elected
Donald Trump Stinky Face Look;
Donald Trump claims to know nothing about the doctored video of Nancy Pelosi that he retweeted
James Comey CNN Town Hall;
James Comey
doesn't know if
Russia has leverage over Donald Trump

Little Donald Trump Junior;

Donald Trump Jr.  Gage Skidmore's photo  CC BY 2.0                     

Don Junior's emails confirm
that the New York Times
isn't fake news
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 14, 2017

Donald Trump Jr.’s (Junior) release of three pages of emails confirmed that the New York Times isn’t fake news.

Yep, ol’ Junior there, who ragged on Hillary Clinton about her email scandal, has his own email gate and had to release three pages of his emails after the New York Times told him they were going to release the three pages of emails he released.

Now, normal folks would ask, “Why would you release emails that a fake news site has?”

The only answer to that question is The New York Times is not fake news and ol’ Junior confirmed this much after he released the three pages of emails the New York Times told him they were going to release.

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