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Don Lemon to Paris Dennard-I can't believe you believe the words that are coming out of your mouth
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 25, 2017

Last night, Don Lemon went all Anderson Cooper on Paris Dennard. Lemon told Dennard, “I’m just saying I can’t believe you believe the words that are coming out of your mouth.”

All of this truthfulness was the result of The Guardian reporter, Ben Jacobs, being “body slammed” by Republican House Candidate Greg Gianforte.

Like Dennard, Gianforte is an ardent Trump supporter. Gianforte doesn’t like the press, specifically, the “liberal media” which he believes reports “fake news.”

And as y’all remember, Trump nickname CNN the Clinton News Network. Every time the New York Times or Washington Post prints the truth about him, he whines that the publications are “fake news.”

Apparently that CBO report has too much truth in it. According to Gianforte’s spokesman, Gianforte didn’t take too kindly to Jacobs asking “badgering questions.” And the “badgering questions” Jacob’s allegedly asked had to do with Gianforte’s opinion on the CBO’s report on the GOP healthcare bill.

Yep, asking Gianforte if he would do what he said he would do, which is to answer healthcare questions after the CBO report was released, was a “badgering question.” Sounds familiar? Remember little Steven Miller saying about the border wall that “the president will not be questioned.” Yeah, that type of “badgering question.”

Dennard, being the faithful follower of Trump that he is, didn’t understand how any of this related to Trump.

He asked Lemon, “What does Donald Trump have to do with anything that this candidate did?”

Dennard does not understand that as the top representative of our country Trump is a model upon which society will based its behavior upon. Hence, the president sets not only the political agenda, but he also plays a key role in determining what is socially acceptable.

In fact, it’s the main reason why we don’t want our presidents to be drug dealers, thieves, wife beaters, rapists, liars, cheaters, turncoats, and or killers.

We can't have folks running around here saying, "The president beat his wife from time to time, why can't I beat mine?" 

That is just not how civilize society works.  So yes, when a reporter “gets beat down” and we have a president who calls the press "the lying press," it just reinforces the belief that Trump is not fit to be president of the United States.

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