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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are about
to commit elderly abuse against each other
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 23, 2018

Two senior citizens, 71-year-old Donald (Donald John) Trump and 75-year-old Joe (Ol’ B) Biden, are about to commit elderly abuse against each other.

Donald John and Ol’ B got into it after a video was released showing Ol’ B saying he would make Donald John wear a good butt whuppin’ if he talked that junk about women that he talked to George W. Bush’s cousin, Billy Bush.

Ol’ B told a group of young folks at University of Miami College, “When a guy who ended up becoming our national leader said, ‘I can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it.’ Then said, ‘I made a mistake.’ They asked me would I like to debate this gentleman, and I said no. I said, ‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.’”

Needless to say, ol’ Donald John didn’t like that there. Donald John got up bright and early on Thursday morning, taking to the Twitter, tweeting how he really feels. 

Donald John is right about one thing. This is the second time Ol’ B threaten to make him wear a good ass whuppin.’ The first time Ol’ B told Donald John he was gonna beat all of that hell out of him was during the 2016 Presidential Race.

Soon after that “grab ‘em by the pussy tape came out,” Ol’ B told folks he’d get Donald John “behind a gym” and administer a good ass whuppin’ on ol’ Donald John there.

And considering the fact that the 2020 Presidential Race will begin less than a year from now, it’s not surprising that Ol’ B has gone all Muhammad Ali on Donald John and is once again talking junk in order to get Donald John all riled up before the main event.

As y’all know, it doesn’t take much to get Donald John riled up. Donald John is a stereotypical cantankerous ol’ man.

Just looking at Donald John makes him mad. Donald John will be like, “Hey you, what are you glancing at?! I don’t like glances! Glance somewhere else!” That’s Donald John. And I must say, “Ol’ B is a little off too.”

Ol’ B is the crazy grandpa who’s always saying inappropriate things at the wrong time.

Ol’ B will go into the grocery store, see someone buying ex-lax and turn around and say:
   “Hey sport! You don’t need that. Here come with me(leading the
    young man to the vegetable aisle). You see that there, greens,
    collards and turnips. Get those collards. Those collards will cut all
    of that shit a loose and they’re less than $2.00 a pound. How
    much is that ex-lax, almost $6.00?! And if you need the super
    strength, you have to pay almost $7.00. You need about four
    packs of that shit in order for it to work. Get those greens, less
    than $5.00 is what you’ll spend. You’ll save money and cut shit all
    at the same time. Here, get those greens and put that ex-lax shit

Hahaha, that’s Ol’ B I tell ya! That’s Ol’ B! And that’s how I know those two Social Security receiving ol’ jokas will get into a fight with each other.

They’re old. And old folks don’t care. They have lived their lives and they don’t have nothing to prove.

So when the time comes for them to act the fool they will. Donald John and Ol’ B are the type who will see each other on the street and just start fighting.

Donald John will be like, “There he is. Hey, hey, hey you got something to say smart guy?!” Ol’ B will come back with, “I heard you were talking shit ‘bout me on that Twitter.”

Then they’ll run towards each other, with both of their Secret Service detail in tow. The Secret Service won’t do anything though because they’ll want to get a good laugh from that show.

I don’t blame them. I’d laugh too. I know. I’m bad. Sorry, but it will be funny to watch those two ol’ devils fight.

Donald John and Ol’ B will be running towards each other, they’ll swing and hit the air, and then fall on their ol’ hides.

The fall will cause them to knock their hips out of place. And due to the both of them having better insurance than that Obamacare, they’ll be able to get the new 2019 titanium hips.

After they get their new titanium hips, they’ll both issue statements apologizing for their childish behaviors.

Within the next second, Donald John will steal the male nurse’s phone and start tweeting.

Donald John will be like:

    “I got this nurse who’s a man, by the way. SERIOUSLY FOLKS!
    He’s a man and he’s a nurse! SAD. I got this male nurse because
    crazy Joe Biden went around lying to the doctors and the real
    nurses about how I like to grab women by their private parts.
    Biden is running around the hospital spreading lies about me
    because he’s mad about the beat down I gave him. LOSER.”

Ol’ B will get wind of all of this, get out of his bed, get into his wheel chair and grab his pee pan.

He’ll then wheel himself down to Donald John’s room and throw piss on him and say, “Ha, I knew you like pee pee! Pee pee tape boy!” Then the folks at the hospital will have to contact the po’ po.’

The po’ po’ will come in, do an investigation, and then write up a report that the public won’t see until 2090.

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