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Donald Trump congratulated himself and the deplorables for winning the presidential election last year
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 8, 2017

Oh man, Donald Trump is really stewing over he and the Republicans’ election loss last night.

He decided to tweet out a photo of himself and the “deplorables” on Air Force One in order to remind folks that he won his election last year and it is why he is the president.

As y’all can see, standing there as a “deplorable” is his son-in-law Jared Kushner, little Stephen Miller, and some other folks.

Ol’ Trump there even used space in his tweet to praise the Electoral College which he famously said is a “waste” and is heavily in favor of the Democrats.

I know, he doesn’t know how the election process and government works. Bless his heart.

Now, I’m not mad at Trump and his gang of “deplorables.” I understand why they need a boost to convince themselves that Trump isn’t just a nimpkoopoo president.

Hell, he’s had nothing but bad news. Last week, Trump’s former campaign manager was indicted and a former campaign staffer, George Papadopoulos, snitched to Special Counsel Robert Mueller about all the wrong Trump’s crew has allegedly done with those Russians.

And to make matters worse, former campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page went on his best buddy’s, Chris Hayes, show and started snitching about everything he knows.

So yeah, it’s not been a good two weeks for Trump and his gang of “Deplorables.” First Mueller is letting them know he’s coming to get them and then they lose several state seats on Tuesday.

I mean, all that bad news would make anyone want to convince himself that things aren’t that bad.

And that’s all Trump is doing. He’s convincing himself that things aren’t that bad because he is president and he has his gang of “Deplorables” by his side in the White House.

Unfortunately for President Donald Trump, the fact that he is the president is why the Republicans lost so many statewide election seats last night. And that fact he can’t change.

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