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Under the Radar
Human Compost Worm Food;
This picture of
human compost
reminds folks they'll become worm food
Black Bear;
Why do humans like feeding bears?!
Shaking My Head;
This is the only response you need
to give to this
week's news

Donald Trump in Arizona;

Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona             
March 19, 2016  Gage Skidmore's photo  Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Donald Trump has a new hashtag
called Drain the Swamp
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 22, 2016

Donald Trump has a new hashtag, Draintheswamp! The swamp the Donald believes needs to be drained is none other than Washington D.C.

As far as the Donald is concerned, D.C. is overflowing with crooked and incompetent politicians who’ve gotten off of the American people’s money like fat rats.

And Trump, who loves to boast about how he buys politicians like millennials buy iPhones, says he’s just the man to clean D.C. of all its filth.

Now I know that it is going to be quite difficult for a man like Trump, who has his own pool of slime, to clean up D.C.’s mess.

But hey, that is exactly why his new hashtag, Draintheswamp, is so funny.

So take a gander down below to see the Donald’s rants about the “D.C. filth” he will clean if he’s lucky enough to become the next president of these Great United States of America.

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