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Donald Trump is disappointed and surprised by the GOP's criticism of him
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 21, 2016

Donald Trump is “disappointed and surprised” by the GOP’s criticism of him. The Donald doesn’t understand how the Republican Party, a party he is now the presumptive presidential nominee in, would continue to diss him in the public and private.

After all, Trump is the epitome of what a Republican is. He is rich. He has a family and he goes to church every once in a while.

So why in God’s name would the Republicans criticize a man who is their standard-bearer? Welp, the answer lies in the fact that the Donald talks about the Republicans worse than folks talk about the child of God.

Trump said the 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain was not a war hero because he was captured.

The Donald blamed former President George W. Bush for 9/11. Trump gave out Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) phone number during the primaries, and Trump has threatened to go all Vito Corleone on Speaker of the House Paul Ryan if he doesn’t do as the Donald tells him to do.

And then there’s the feud he has with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

Trump, who isn’t too happy that Martinez hasn’t endorsed him, told a crowd that Martinez isn’t “doing the job” and that she’s the reason why more people are applying for food stamps in the state.

As for his feud with Curiel, well, that’s been going on since last month. Trump told CNN’s Jake Tapper that Curiel’s Mexican ancestry is why Curiel will not be able to rule fairly in a class action lawsuit against the now defunct Trump University.

The Donald’s criticism of Curiel has led to several Republicans running away from him faster than a dead beat dad runs away from a back child support notice.

Among those who’ve distanced themselves from the presumptive presidential nominee are Senators Lindsey Graham and Mark Kirk. Both senators have said that they will instead write in a candidate.

And unfortunately for Trump, it’s a choice that several other Republicans, like 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, have also made.

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