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Donald Trump is going to start
taping his cabinet meetings
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 14, 2018

Donald Trump is going to start taping those cabinet meetings. At least, that’s what he tweeted on Friday.

Apparently, Trump doesn’t like how folks are telling everybody all the crazy stuff he lets fly out of his mouth.

Y’all know, crazy stuff like the Haitian have AIDS and the Africans and Haitians all come from “shithouse” countries.

There are some folks who are saying that Trump really described the African countries and Haiti as “shithouses” and not “shitholes.”

I know, I know, I know it doesn’t matter because either way you cut it Trump allegedly said these folks are shit because they’re coming from either a shithouse or a shithole.

No matter where it comes from, shit is shit. Hahaha, this is kind of like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling Donald Trump a "fucking moron" and not a “moron!"  Those extra adjectives sure do clear things right on up!

For his part, Trump is laughing though. Trump is telling folks he didn’t say such a thing about the Africans and Haitians.

Yeah, the man who said, “grab ‘em by the pussy,” wouldn’t cuss. Hahahaha, it’s so funny because we know he cusses!

In fact, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) said Trump said it and that he, Graham, hauled off and went off on Trump for saying it.

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin (IL) also said Trump said it. Now, there are those Republicans who are suffering from a case of pa (political amnesia) and can’t recall what they don’t want to recall.

And they don’t want to recall what Trump said because they either agree with the “shithouse” comment and are too scared to say so; or they are scared the folks in those Trump districts they represent will put them in the unemployment line by voting them out of office this year.

Either way, it sucks and it looks bad for those Republicans who are all of a sudden suffering from a case of pa.

The good news in all of this is that Trump is going to start taping his cabinet meetings. And yes folks, whenever Trump says things like “maybe” or “probably” he’s either already doing it or is about to do it.

Trump is going ol’ school, Nixon style, and taping his cabinet meetings will provide all the evidence Special Counsel Robert Mueller is going to need in order to clean all of that shit out of the White House.

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