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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un;
Indications are that
North Korea is giving
fake news to reporters
and intelligence agents
on purpose
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi;
Nancy Pelosi told the Democrats they can't impeach Donald Trump without the help of the Senate Republicans
Robert Mueller Donald Trump;
Robert Mueller makes it clear that Donald Trump isn't being charged with a crime because he's the president

Donald Trump's arms and hands stretched out;

Donald Trump 

Donald Trump reminds the
Democrats that Joe Biden
is one of the reasons why
he's the president
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 30, 2019

Donald Trump (Street Corner Donald) used his executive time to tweet remind the Democrats that Joe Biden (Blue Collar Joe) is one of the reasons why he’s the president. Oh...yeah, the other reason is Barack Obama (Me Mine Obama).

Trump has been taking several tweet shots at Biden because Trump believes Biden is the one Democrat who will take his base and beat him with it.

At least, that’s what the folks over at CNN have been saying. They’ve been telling folks that the word on the street is that Trump has been running around the White House asking folks, “What about Joe?!”

The folks Trump’s been asking this question to have all assured him that Joe Biden is going to go about as far as he can throw him.

Trump, though, ain’t paying that any never mind. Trump smells blood. His blood coming from those punches that Biden said he would give him after beating “the hell out of him.” So, Trump isn’t taking any chances. He’s reminding all the Democrats that it’s because of that guy and the other guy that he’s in the White House.

Surely, the Democrats don’t won’t that to happen again. After all, their main goal is to get Trump up out of the White House. And they can’t get Trump up out of the White House if they don’t have a nominee who is able to go false hip to false hip with Trump. Y’all have heard the talk:

    “The women won’t vote for Bernie because he burned Hillary. Beto
     O’Rourke sounds like he’s high. Pete Buttigieg is just trying to    
     sell a book. Elizabeth Warren has Rachel Dolezal herself out of it.
     Kamala Harris is pretty but I’ve heard some things. And who dat?"

Trump knows what’s going on with the Democrats. That why Street Corner Donald is trying to “Jedi mind trick” the Democrats into believing Blue Collar Joe needs to be shown the door marked exit.

And what better way to help Blue Collar Joe to get gone then by reminding the Democrats that Blue Collar Joe and Me Mine Obama are the two main reasons why he, Street Corner Donald, calls the White House his home.

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