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Joe Biden Smiling;
South Carolina gives former Veep Joe
Biden his first win
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Nevada Caucus gives Bernie Sanders
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Quinnipiac Poll shows that the president and the Democratic Presidential Candidates have high unfavorable ratings

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Donald Trump 

Donald Trump says he would
have a 70% approval rating if
the media reported 'straight
news' about him
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 26, 2019

Donald Trump swears up and down that he’ll have a 70% approval rating if only the folks in the media would report “straight news” about him.  And when “The Donald” says, “straight news,” he means, of course, good news.

    “Now I have to tell you. If you people would give straight news,
     I’d be at 70. I may be at 75 but you don’t give straight news. You
     give fake news. With fake news, I’m still winning the election.”

That's what Donald Trump told the press before he left the country to go on his trip to Japan.

I must say, “Donald Trump is right that ‘with fake news,’ he can ‘still’ win the 2020 presidential election just like he won the 2016 presidential election.”

All Donald Trump has to do is get Russian President Vladimir Putin and his crew to do to the Democratic presidential candidates what they did to Hillary Clinton; which is to spread fake news stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about them.

Now, now, now I know Donald Trump will pull out his “No Collusion. No Obstruction” signs in an effort to convince folks that his actions are in no way a reflection of the words coming out of his mouth and the tweets tweeted on his Twitter page.

It’s just that it’s going to be hard for Trump to convince folks that what the “you people” are saying is “fake news” when he is the one providing all the “fake news” that the “you people” are reporting.


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