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Donald Trump will limit his late night tweets if he becomes president
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 26, 2016 

Republican front-runner and business mogul Donald Trump said that he’ll limit his late night tweets if he becomes the president.

Two weeks ago during a Town Hall with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Trump told Cooper that his late night tweets are appropriate for the presidential race but not for someone who is the president.

Trump said, “No I wouldn’t be doing it…Or, I would do it very little.” Trump told Cooper that he tweets as often as he does because he is running to become the Republican presidential nominee and he has to defend himself when his opponents try to attack his character: “But
right now if I’m fighting one of my opponents I can tweet out things and I quote my feelings.”

The business mogul said that his tweets get scrutinized more than the other opponents because of who he is.

As evidence, Trump pointed to a tweet he sent after a town hall with CNN. Trump is quoted as saying, “There was one instance where I was at a Town Hall and somebody got up and made a pretty negative statement about the president, you [Anderson Cooper] probably remember, very negative-And he made a pretty negative statement about the president and they said I didn’t defend him and it was a big deal and it was going on.

And I remember I tweeted one line and then another line and I put it out and it broke into CNN. They broke into this major broadcast, 'Donald Trump, breaking news.' It was like I’m sitting there and I just did this and it totally solved the problem.”

Cooper asked Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, if she approves of Trump’s late night tweets. Melania Trump told Cooper that she asked the Donald why he sends out so many tweets.

She told Cooper that the Donald is “an adult” and “he knows the consequences” of his actions.

Earlier during the conversation, Eric Trump said that he likes the fact that his father sends out his own tweets and that it shows he is “authentic” as compared to the other candidates.

Donald Trump Jr., echoed his brother’s statement. He told Cooper that tweeting is how his father’s engages the voters and that it shows him to be “genuine” about the issues.

Cooper asked Trump if he really sends out all of his tweets. Trump responded that if it’s an official release, then someone else will send out the tweet but that he always sends out his own tweets after 7PM.

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