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Donald Trump will write his
answers to the deposition
questions in the Summer
Zervos case
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 10, 2018

Donald Trump has learned his lesson. No more sitting down and talking to lawyers for him. Unh-unh, The Donald will write his answers to the deposition questions in the Summer Zervos case.

About three months ago, New York State Judge Jennifer Schecter told Summer Zervos and Trump’s lawyers that they better have those depositions done by the end of January 2019.

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, called foul. Kasowitz is going around telling everybody that this is a “critical constitutional issue” because Schecter’s job as a state employee nulls and voids the power she has a judge to order the highest ranking federal employee, President Donald J Trump Sr., to be deposed.

Kasowitz is like, “It doesn’t matter what Trump did before he became president. It just matters that he is president. And being president is enough to shield Donald Trump from any and all crimes he committed when he was just citizen Trump.”

Unfortunately for Marc Kasowitz and his client, Donald Trump’s former bro’, Bill Clinton, proved that being president isn’t enough to shield a person from all crimes he committed when he was just a resident of a state.

The State of Arkansas took away Bill Clinton’s law license after he got caught lying about all of that grabbing by the pussy Paula Jones accused him of doing to her.

Sooo…yeah, that “Donald Trump’s president now” is not going to work; not even with the U.S. Supreme Court of the United States who ruled unanimously in the Clinton vs. Jones case that a sitting president can be deposed if the deposition has nothing to do with his official duties as the president of the United States.

And yes folks, grabbing pussy before you became president of the United States has nothing to do with your official duties as president of the United States.

Also, grabbing pussy while you’re the president of the United States has nothing to do with your official duties as president of the United States because grabbing pussy is not one of the official duties of the president of the United States.

Stop for a moment. I’m sure y’all have drawn the lines and gotten y’all selves a clear picture of why Donald Trump wants Brett Kavanaugh to be the next SCOTUS.

Brett Kavanaugh is no fan of prosecuting a sitting president because the sitting president is the sitting president.

Sure, Brett Kavanaugh was cool as an ice sickle with prosecuting a sitting president when he, Brett Kavanaugh, was working on former Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr’s team to investigate the allege crimes of former President Bill Clinton.

But after folks began talking about impeaching Brett Kavanaugh’s boss, former President George W. Bush Jr., for what many considered him lying about why we went to war in Iraq, Brett Kavanaugh did a complete 180 and was like, “I don’t want to prosecute my boss. He needs to keep working so I can keep working.”

And that’s what Donald Trump wants. Trump wants Kavanaugh to get confirm so he can keep working because if Trump has to answer any questions in any depositions, he will be put out the White House door.

What did Bob Woodward say in his new book Fear?! “You are not a good witness, Mr. President. I’m afraid I just can’t help you,” is what Bob Woodward said John Dowd said to President Donald J. Trump Sr.

And the reason President Donald J. Trump Sr. is “not a good witness” is because he is what Bob Woodward says Gary Cohn says he is, “a professional liar.”

Professional Liars sole problem is that they are liars and so the truth just isn't in them.

Another problem Donald Trump has is that he’s 72-years-old and old folks don’t have a good memory.

Then there’s the fact that Donald Trump tells on himself. Therefore, when a lawyer takes all of those important facts into consideration, he can’t help but try to throw shit at the wall and hope and pray that something will stick; which it won’t because Donald Trump always tells on himself.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump, he’s already told on himself in the Summer Zervos case. Zervos accused Donald Trump of sexually harassing her during her time on the Celebrity Apprentice.

Donald Trump, of course, denies ever sexually harassing anyone who didn’t want him to grab her by the pussy.

Y’all know Donald Trump told George W. Bush’s little cousin Billy Bush that his fame let him get away with anything, including grabbing the women folks by the pussy.

So, in Donald Trump’s mind, a woman is just insane if she’s accusing him of sexual harassment because his fame entitles him to such privileges as grabbing pussy; which Summer Zervos is accusing him of doing.

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