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Donal Trump's tweet about the U.S.
Postal Service was really about Jeff Bezos
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 5, 2018

The tweet Donald Trump tweeted out last week about the U.S. Postal Services not knowing how to conduct business was Trump’s way of letting out his anger about one of the U.S. Postal Services top competitor’s, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and his ownership of the Washington Post.

Yep, y’all read it right. Trump’s haterade tweet about the U.S. Postal Services is really his way of throwing shade at the owner of what Trump will call one of the heads on the three headed serpent.

As far as ol’ Trump is concerned, the Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN are the devil in print.

And one of the things Trump doesn’t want these three news organizations to do is benefit from anything in any shape, fashion, or form.

So when the opportunity presents itself for ol’ Trump there to beat up on one of the heads on the three headed serpent, he does it.

And for Trump, the opportunity presented itself during his Christmas vacation that he took at his Mar-a-Lago estate in sunny Florida, where he had nothing to do but eat, sleep, shit, golf, and tweet.

All these news organizations have done is report truthful bad news about ol’ Trump there.

The New York Times told everybody that Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and former campaign manager/now felon Paul Manafort had that June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya about getting dirt on the Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton (The Hills).

The Washington Post then turned around and told folks that Donald Trump Sr. told Junior to tell folks that the meeting with Veselnitskaya and the other Russians was really about adoptions and not getting dirt on The Hills.

Recognizing just how good and juicy the news was, CNN turned around and reported all that the New York Times and the Washington Post printed on paper and on the on-line.

Trump has tried getting around the three headed serpent devil in print by making Fox News’ his own personal media shield, but that hasn’t worked.

For one, FOX News is a big organization and is made up of more than the talking heads over at Trump’s favorite morning show, “Fox and Friends.”

And when Trump goes after the media and makes up his own facts, he doesn’t get the support of actual journalists and reporters at FOX News.

Evidence of this is FOX News anchor Shephard Smith who told Trump to stop all of that yammering and trying to make the folks in the media look like “fools for asking questions” about all of that Russian collusion.

Smith let Trump know that he and the rest of his media folks are not “fake news” and he (Trump) needs to stop running around trying to “put us down like children for asking questions on behalf of the American people.”

Trump supporters got mad at ol’ Shep there for telling the truth. But hey, those Trump supporters are just like him.

They are narrowed minded and can’t see beyond their own noses. Like some of his supporters, Trump’s mind is so narrow that there is no room for any daylight to enter.

That’s why all he sees is Bezos’ Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN, but not himself, as the problem.

I’m also quite sure that Trump became madder than a rabid dog upon hearing that Bezos still has more billions than he does.

Trump, who’s wealth is reportedly in the low billions, has accused Bezos of monopolizing the on-line retail market business and growing his wealth at the expense of the American people.

Trump doesn’t take too kindly to the fact that Amazon has had a long stretch of paying $0.00 in sales tax.

CNN did report that 28 states have laws in place requiring Amazon to pay sales tax.

In addition, Amazon has also come under fire in the U.K. and with the European Commission for not paying its fair share in taxes.

Amazon paid less than £12 million in taxes over in the U.K. The European Commission told the folks over in Luxembourg that Amazon needs to pony up and give them the €250 million they owe in back taxes.

The Luxembourg folks said they aren’t collecting any back taxes from the folks over at Amazon because they (Luxembourg folks) don’t like it that the European Commission is suggesting they helped Amazon to not pay their fair share in taxes.

But even with all of that, it doesn’t undermine the fact that Trump gave his blessings to his buddy FOX News Corporation owner Rupert Murdoch to do what Trump accused Bezos of doing; which is taking over a sector of the economy.

Trump also can't get around the fact that his Justice Department refused to intervene in the Walt Disney and FOX News Corporation merger deal while deciding to halt the Time Warner and AT&T deal.

And as y’all know, Time Warner owns CNN. And CNN, along with the Washington Post and New York Times, is a part of the three headed serpent devil in print that tells truths about Trump that he doesn’t want folks to know about.

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