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Donald Trump's tweet shot at Oprah
is a cry for help
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 20, 2018

Donald Trump’s tweet shot at Oprah is a cry for help.

Donald Trump can’t stand that vice grip Special Counsel Robert Mueller has on him.

So Trump is doing the one thing he thinks will relieve him of the pressure stemming from the Russian investigation which has resulted in 13 Russian nationals being indicted, another Trump campaign aide, Rick Gates, reportedly trying to get himself a plea deal with Mueller, and Gates’ lawyer, Alex van der Zwaan, pleading guilty today to lying to Mueller’s team about his talks with Gates.

Ol’ Donald there looks at all of that bad news and sees the writing on the wall. And the writing on the wall says it’s just a matter of time before Mueller puts that fire to Trump’s behind.

Being the “Teflon Don” he is, Trump is going to keep his hide off the fire by appealing to his base’s hate.

And what better way to appeal to his base’s hate than to vex one of the richest women in the world into a Twitter war with him.

Trump knows Oprah isn’t going to respond to him because she told everybody she wasn’t going to respond to anything having to do with ol’ Donald there.

After getting a whole bunch of haterade thrown her way for tweeting a photo of Donald Trump looking humble sitting next to President Barack Obama with the words #HopeLives, Oprah decided she better not say anything positive or negative about Trump.

Oprah told TMZ, “Ohhhhh, I am smart enough to not comment on that. I didn’t do 38,000 interviews to get stuck with that one! I don’t want to be in the twitterverse, honey.”

And staying out of the “twitterverse, honey,” when it comes to Trump, she has. After Oprah received rave reviews for her 2018 Golden Globe Awards speech, the buzz began about Oprah being the only hope the Democrats had in beating Trump in 2020.

Oprah’s response to all of this was simply, “-it’s not something that interests me. I don’t have the DNA for it.”

Trump, though, is persistent and he knows a Twitter war with Oprah will take the attention away from Mueller’s investigation.

Trump knows that although Mueller’s investigation is about the law it is also political. The best way to put a dent into anything political is to discredit it and the way in which Trump likes to discredit folks is by playing the victim.

Trump starts fights with folks and then says they are picking on him. It’s the very thing he’s trying to do with Oprah. If Trump lucks up and gets Oprah into a Twitter war with him, he’ll use Oprah as another example of liberals trying to pick on him.

Trump isn’t paying any never mind to the fact that Mueller is a Republican and it is the Republican congress allowing the investigation to continue.

In Trump’s mind, he became president with only a small fraction of the vote so why can’t he survive Mueller’s investigation with a small fraction of support.

And what better way to get that support than to feed his base’s hate by vexing Oprah into a Tweet war that makes her look like a stereotypical cattish woman who is unable to control her emotions!

Unfortunately for Trump, Oprah doesn’t have time to be foolish with him because her mind is preoccupied on her business and keeping her billions of dollars in her checking account.

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