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Saturday Night Live Westminster Daddy Show

SNL's Screenshot YouTube 

Enter your daddy into the
Westminster Daddy Show
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 19, 2019

Whether you’re a real daddy or a sugar daddy, you may enter yourself into the 2019 Westminster Daddy Show.

The Westminster Daddy Show, which as y’all can see is named after the Westminster Dog Show, gives real daddies and sugar daddies the recognition they so rightfully deserve for living the life as the lucky dogs they are and who work, play, and bone all day and all night long.

These lucky daddies get to look so fresh and so clean while strutting and showing off their stuff at the Westminster Daddy Show in such categories as West Palm Golf Daddy, Tweedy Daddy, Business Daddy, and News Anchor Daddy.

As the show’s host Jerry (Matt Damon) and Kate McKinnon said, “Any man can be a father, but it takes a hot middle age guy with a big job to be a daddy.”

That’s right folks! A FAD (Fine Ass Daddy) is one of the most important requirements y’all’s real daddies and or sugar daddies must meet in order to walk the 2019 Westminster Daddy Show’s cherry oak wood floors.

It’s also good to make sure y’all’s daddies are educated, have money, are 46 or older, know what a VHS is, and have an Atari game; preferably Pac-Man.

I know there are those of you who are wondering if y’all’s real daddies and or sugar daddies may enter the 2019 Westminster Daddy Show if he has a gut that sticks out along with his butt because a fat daddy is not what most folks consider a FAD. No worries though, all your real daddy and or sugar daddy needs is a big bank account that says he can get you, “Whatever you liiikkkeee.” As long as that is the case, y’all’s real daddies and or sugar daddies may walk the 2019 Westminster Daddy Show’s cherry oak wood floors.

Uhhh, just a reminder that the Westminster Daddy Show isn’t real. It’s a Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketch which I’m sure you and your daddy will find very, very, very funny.

Go on and take a gander down below at the YouTube video of SNL’s Westminster Daddy Show!

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