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 Entertainment Archive 2014-2017

Donald Trump took time out to tweet about the Emmys

Issa Rae gave a funny response to a fella who asked if she will be his baby mama

VEEP will end after this upcoming season

Curb Your Enthusiasm helped to free an innocent man

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump explained the comments about Charlottesville

Cathy Anne-You don't need statues that basically say I did my best for slavery

Samuel L Jackson beat James Corden in the Drop the Mic contest

Andrew Dice Clay-We need to stay united

Tiffany Haddish had a Cate Blanchett moment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

HBO got hacked again

Anthony Scaramucci told Stephen Colbert that Steve Bannon is a leaker

VEEP's set decorator tells a fan where she can buy the dining room chairs seen in Catherine's home

SNL Weekend Updates will began airing this Thursday

David Letterman is back

Stephen Colbert recites the new Statue of Liberty poem

Fox News has suspended Eric Bolling following sexual harassment claims

Stephen Colbert sang a song in memory of Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci and Jared Kushner are The Mooch and The Cooch

Robert Kirkman-I am NOT ending The Walking Dead comic

Stephen Colbert and John Oliver agree that Don Jr.'s lawyer needs a lawyer

Stephen Colbert's figure-it-out-a-tron shows where Donald Trump and his crew are headed

Stephen Colbert has given Sen. Kamala Harris a nickname

Stephen Colbert knows what's wrong with Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions

Stephen Colbert-I don't know if these are technically sins, but I do feel bad about them.

Madonna wished her father and herself a happy Father's Day

Katie McHugh got into a Twitter argument with Seth Rogen

Stephen Colbert talks about DILFS and Russian hacking

Stephen Colbert won't be denied the right to enjoy joking about the covfefe tweet

Senator Al Franken has cancelled his appearance on Bill Maher's show

Julia Louis-Dreyfus-We are really satirizing the culture of politics not a particular party

Michael Che knows Donald Trump can't hold water

Xentrex will keep you down while you're up

The differences between Dwayne Johnson and The Rock

SNL's Spicy-Donald Trump is innocent because he told us so

SNL's Donald Trump says this train wreck will last for eight years

Billy Bush told The Hollywood Reporter he didn't think he'd be out of a job

Justin Timberlake responded to Seth Rogen's tweet

Susan Sarandon tweeted a photo of herself taken during the 1978 Cannes Festival

Aisha Tyler has to give her ex-husband a lot of her money

SNL's Vanessa Bayer stepped in as Cathy Ann to explain Donald Trump's craziness

Sherman Tans messes up Selina Meyer's plans to get a presidential library

The VEEP is back!!!

SNL's Spicy tells who he thinks is the fourth worst group in history

Cuba Gooding Jr. got told off for trying to look at Sarah Paulson's ass

Wonder Woman shaving under her arms is a good thing

Lying on Whoopi Goldberg may cost you some money

Emma Watson explained her praising of Beyonce for being an independent woman

Janelle Monae tried to start a Twitter conversation about Aunt Flow

SNL recognized that Donald Trump and his team are the victims of lite terrorism

Milo gets his high from making you flip out

Milo put his foot so far down his throat that he kicked his own ass

Melissa McCarthy gave Sean Spicer some new ideas on how to handle the press

Hm-Both Brad Pitt and Robin Thicke have been accused of beating their kids

This sums it up-Donald Trump, Miss Universe Pageant, Steve Harvey

Thank God that Hidden Figures apology came before Trump's Presidential Inauguration

Meryl Streep word slapped the shit out of Donald Trump

Gabriel Sherman predicted Megyn Kelly's departure from Fox News

Mel Gibson and Vince Vaugh had a lot on their minds

Cheeseburgers and french fries were served at the Golden Globes after party

Megyn Kelly had a nine to five moment

Did CNN tell Don Lemon to cut the fool on New Years so the network could get good ratings?

Oprah on Donald Trump-I am smart enough to not comment on that

The funny thing about Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell won't be on The Ellen Show today

Folks aren't too interested in the alleged KimYe divorce

Cathy Anne doesn't want y'all blaming fake news on crazy folks

SNL's naughty Christmas Carol

This Story was written before Carrie Fisher's death Carrie Fisher needs to stop telling people she slept with Mrs. Ford's husband

SNL knows the Hills will run again

The Donald doesn't have time for thinking

Alec Baldwin as the Donald was right about the real Donald not prosecuting the Hills

Why did Dave Chappelle as Negan kill the crackhead first

Dave Chappelle gets that politics is all f-ed up

Chelsea Handler says Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lack the intellect to be POTUS

SNL had a funny way of calling Hillary Clinton a Republican

SNL has figured out why Donald Trump is behind in the polls

Billy Bush-An example of how what you say earlier can get you fired later

The reality hosts and news folks get the most money

Lenny Kravit was on the set of Lee Daniels' new show Star

The Veep's Richard was in a spoof about Mary J. Blige's Burger King Commercial

Some say drugs, not a woman, is what led to Angelina Jolie divorcing Brad Pitt

Jimmy Kimmel let everyone know he thinks OJ did it

Baylee Curran denies trying to steal Chris Brown's jewelry

Star Wars' fans remember Kenny Baker who played the role of the famous robot R2D2

A perfect example of why famous people shouldn't tell their business

Comedian Leslie Jones cursed out Twitter haters

Wendy Williams should've read Andrea Thompkins' tweets

Jace Alexander hauled tail away from his upper middle class neighborhood after pleading guilty to having kiddie porn

Best News Last Week-Curb Your Enthusiasm is Coming Back!!!

Will Smith says Hollywood heads can no longer sell shitty movies

Adam Levine offered to pay for Christina Grimmie's funeral

Susan Sarandon won't vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

Hackers give Quentin Tarantino a but apology after publishing The Hateful Eight

Former DA says he and his investigators believe Bill Cosby is guilty

Bill Cosby's accuser says his testimony is complete validation for her and the other women

The Sony hacking scandal could lead to a talent drain at the company

MA Gov. Deval Patrick will most likely not pardon Mark Wahlberg

Bill Maher agrees with Jonathan Gruber-Americans are stupid

Tyrant is renewed for a second season

Ruby Dee dies at the age of 91