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Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions;

LSSC Stephen Colbert Midnight Confessions YouTube screenshot                             

Everyday folks can relate to Stephen
Colbert's "Midnight Confessions"
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 10, 2018

Stephen Colbert’s “Midnight Confessions” are so funny! It’s filled with confessions that we everyday folks can relate to.

Y’all know?! Confessions like looking in somebody’s medicine cabinet to see what issues he has. And let me tell ya, I’ve found stuff in the medicine cabinet that isn’t even medicine. Stuff like house keys.

I asked my cousin, “Man, why you got your house keys in the medicine cabinet and not out there in the foyer on that table out there?”

That fella told me he forgets about those house keys but that if he places them where his blood pressure medicine is then he’ll remember where they are. That’s what he said.

Ol’ Stephen there didn’t have one that crazy but he did admit to looking into folks’ medicine cabinets.

Here is what he said about that last night, “Forgive me audience! If I have ever been at your house, I have looked into your medicine cabinet. And I have taken your Percocet and that is why I am back for game night.”

There are some other stuff we can confess to that we probably shouldn’t. Stuff like going to the grocery store and missing with Ms. Hattie behind the counter by changing our minds about what we want.

    Oh, hand me a rib. Nooo, come to think of it, I think I want some
    chicken. Yeah, give me a box of fried chicken and a biscuit. Y’all
    forgot my biscuit the last time. Wait, you know what Ms. Hattie,
    I’m starting a diet today. Uh-ruh-uh, give me that there turkey
    sandwich on the wheat bread.

And y’all know y’all be standing there laughing to y’all selves at how mad y’all done made Ms. Hattie there!

In fact, y’all have made Ms. Hattie so mad that y’all are too scared to eat the food because y’all swear up and down that y’all saw Ms. Hattie spit in the food.

Now, I must say that ol’ Stephen there didn’t take it that far but y’all get the point about “Midnight Confessions.”

It’s confessions about all of the irritating stuff that we know we are doing to folks.

Take a gander down below to hear ol’ Stephen’s confessions from last night!

And oh yeah, here’s the disclaimer ol’ Stephen there likes to give, “Standard disclaimer, I don’t know if these are technically sins but I do feel bad about them. Ok be right back.”

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