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FOX's 9-1-1 has been renewed
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 17, 2018

Oh yeah, FOX has renewed 9-1-1! Yesterday, the folks over at 9-1-1 tweeted they will be on our flat screens at least another year.

The show was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear. The show is not the typical cop show.

There are several funny moments as well as those “damn, damn, damn” moments.

Take the first episode for instance. Fireman Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) went to the priest to tell him about the life he had loss that day. Mind you, losing a life isn’t funny but the whole situation with the priest was.

The priest was a young man and it was his first day of working for God. And being the young man he is, the priest showed up late to the confessional and his phone begin ringing, with Katy Perry’s “You’re a Fire Work” blasting out.

Now just imagine, you go to the priest to tell him what’s going on with you and you are what’s going on with him because you are the first person he has to help on the first day on the job.

That’s just too funny! Folks be like, “Father, my day ain’t going.” And the priest will be like, “My day ain’t going either.”

Then there’s the scene with the woman’s pet python snake named Spartacus choking the hell out of her because he’s hungry and mad as hell that this human decided that he, a boa constrictor, should be domesticated like he’s a dog.

Fireman Han (Kenneth Choi) is in the background scared as hell trying to explain to the 1990s baby, Fireman Evan “Fire Hose Buck” Buckley (Oliver Star), who Arnold Schwarzenegger is and how that big ass snake in Conan the Barbarian scared the shit out of him.

Firewoman Henrietta (Aisha Hinds) is standing back trying to convince Fireman Nash that he should just go and let nature take its place.

Yeah, Hen as she is called wanted to let Spartacus have his dinner. They didn’t let the snake eat the woman, but the woman did end up doing the nasty with “Fire Hose Buck Bucky” which led to him getting fired and then rehired after he helped the po’ po’ catch a thief.

And the po’ po’ being Athena Cage (Angela Bassett) who just can’t stand the 1990s’ baby because he is a 1990s baby.

Episode 2 was also pretty good. The 1990s baby hit it off with the 9-1-1 dispatcher Abby Clark (Connie Britton) who hasn’t had a man since her ailing mama moved in. Athena used her womanly charms to catch a thief.

There is a “damn, damn, damn” scene in this episode. Athena comes home from a long days of work and sees her young daughter unresponsive.

Hopefully, the young girl will pull through because losing a child is the hardest thing any person can ever go through.

Check out 9-1-1 tonight on FOX at 9PM EST. See y’all on the Twitter #911onFOX!

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