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Federal judge to Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers-I doubt any bail package can overcome his danger to the community
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 20, 2019

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman didn’t let Jeffrey “Nasty Jeffrey” Epstein’s lawyers piss on his leg and tell him it’s raining with their whole bit about letting Nasty Jeffrey use $559 million of his money as collateral for bail. “I doubt any bail package can overcome his danger to the community,” is what the folks over at NBC New York said the judge said to Epstein’s lawyers.

Your Honor just couldn’t get over the fact that the FBI has more evidence on Jeffrey Epstein than they had on the mob.

The FBI gave the federal prosecutors so much evidence that it has folks like Attorney Alan Dershowitz, former President Bill Clinton, and President Donald Trump running away from Jeffrey Epstein faster than a dead beat dad runs away from a child support notice.

Dershowitz told everybody that an old Russian woman gave him a massage. Clinton said he didn’t know nothing about nothing, while Trump told everybody he stopped talking to Epstein long time ago after he did him wrong.

The only problem with all of that is all of these birds have flocked together. Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump have all partied with Jeffrey Epstein and rode on his plane, all the while knowing that Jeffrey Epstein loves doing the “nasty” with 14-year-old girls. Or, as Donald Trump told the New York Magazine, “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Yup, Trump just told everybody that this “terrific guy” who “likes beautiful women” on the “younger side,” is the investment world’s “R. Kelly.”

Like R. Kelly, Jeffrey Epstein had recruiters bringing him young girls under the guise of him helping them out. When in fact, he wanted to turn them out.

Courtney Wild, who is one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, told everybody that steel bars is the only thing that will stop Jeffrey Epstein from using his dingle ling to rape little girls.

It’s just that this time around the federal government needs to make sure their federal prosecutors don’t give Nasty Jeffrey the same sweet deal that then U.S. District Attorney for Florida in Miami Alexander Acosta gave him; which allowed Jeffrey Epstein to go and come as he pleases while having little girls delivered to him at his office in Palm Beach County, Florida.

As to be expected, don’t nobody know nothing about nothing. The federal government, however, has told everybody they’re going to get to the bottom of that bottom, and that a whole bunch of bodies are going to end up at the bottom of that bottom for all of them going down the bottom for Nasty Jeffrey. Until that time, Nasty Jeffrey will remain in jail through the duration of his trial.

And hopefully, that trial will end with Nasty Jeffrey getting the lifetime sentence that he should’ve gotten back in 2008.

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