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Folks aren't too interested in KimYe's alleged divorce
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 30, 2016

Many of the folks who commented on Bossip’s story about the alleged KimYe divorce decided to talk about everything but KimYe’s alleged divorce.

Folks did, however, take the time to talk about the weather, barbequing, and the company they had over the Christmas holidays.

A fella by the name of brownsugar 26 started off by telling everyone about the good weather Texans were having.

BeenThere77 talked about how she like to barbeque in the cold weather, while YouAintNobody said that it was just she, her husband, and their two dogs at her home for Christmas.

This, of course, is not good news for the attention loving Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. They don’t get any attention, then they don’t get any publicity.

And publicity equals money. Unfortunately for KimYe, all the cutting-up they’ve been doing has finally gotten on folks nerves to the point that folks have decided to just talk about something else, even when they are suppose to be talking about them.

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