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Folks say Donald Trump didn't want Sally Yates testifying about Michael Flynn
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 28, 2017

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is saying that President Donald Trump (Street Corner Donald, Trumpster, The Donald) would not allow her to testify before the Select House Intelligence Committee about her conversations with “foreign agent”/former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

CBS obtained Ms. Yates’ letter to the committee. According to the letter obtained by CBS, Ms. Yates says that the committee invited her to testify about her knowledge concerning “non-classified facts about the Department’s notification to the White House of concerns about the conduct of a senior official.”

The senior official is Michael Flynn. Last month, Flynn was fired after he failed to disclose his meeting with the Russian ambassador.

There are also reports that Flynn has decided to cooperate fully with the Congressional investigative committees investigating Trump campaign members’ alleged involvement with Russia’s meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election.

For his part, Trump has denied any wrongdoing. However, his denial is falling on deaf ears. The fact that other campaign members like Roger Stone, former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and Jared Kushner have all had questionable relationships with Russia’s government officials and businessmen have many questioning if this is Nixon all over again.

It also doesn’t help that FBI Director James Comey confirmed, last Monday, that the FBI has an active criminal investigation into the allegations concerning Trump campaign officials’ alleged involvement with Russia and the 2016 Presidential Election. 

The situation is further compounded by the fact that Ms. Yates was sent a letter, asking her to testify, on the same day that Comey confirmed that the FBI has an active criminal investigation into the Trump White House and their alleged involvement with Russia’s meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election.

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff simply asked, “Was today’s open hearing cancelled because White House did not want Sally Yates to testify regarding General Flynn’s deception?”

The White House is denying there is anything untoward going on. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stood at the podium today and told folks that they’ll be fine with Ms. Yates testifying about her conversation with Flynn. However, his denial, like his boss', isn’t carrying much weight because of the actions of those associated with the Trump White House.

Specifically, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ decision to sneak onto the White House grounds in order to gain access to secure information that “would validate” Donald Trump’s alleged “wiretapping” claims, which the Intelligence community said are false, against former President Barack Obama; as well as Nunes’ decision to cancel the remaining meetings pertaining to the Russia investigation, is making the administration look guiltier than a preacher walking out of a whore house on a Friday night.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell tweeted this about Nunes’ decision to cancel the remaining meetings on Russia, “Jeremy Bash tells 11th Hour @MSNBC Nunes diversion was about stopping Sally Yates from testifying about what she told White House re Flynn.”

Ms. Yates is the former acting attorney general who would not approve Little Steven Miller’s travel ban which the federal courts have knocked down several times.

And anyone with good common sense knows that it would not be good for the president to allow the woman he fired for refusing to support his lopsided travel ban to testify before the House Intelligence Committee about his former national security adviser, who has turned state evidence, allegedly being in cahoots with the Russians to get him, Donald Trump, elected.

Yep, Street Corner Donald and his crew there are looking as guilty as a sinner trying to skip church on Sunday morning.

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