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Foreign Policy Magazine endorses Hillary Clinton
by Nathan'ette Burdine: October 22, 2016

The editors of Foreign Policy Magazine announced that they’re stepping out and breaking away from their 45-year tradition of not endorsing a presidential nominee.

The lucky presidential nominee to have such an honor is none other than-Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.

The editors of the magazine attributed their first in a lifetime decision to their deep concern about Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s ignorance, irrational thinking, and his uncouth ways and the affect someone of his elk will have on the international community.

The editors of Foreign Policy Magazine are quoted as saying, “The dangers Trump presents as a president stretch beyond the United States to the international economy, to global security, to America’s allies, as well as to countless innocents everywhere who would be the victims of his inexperience, his perverse policy views, and the profound unsuitability of his temperament for the office he seeks.”

The magazine’s endorsement came two days after a tape was released of Donald Trump bragging to former Access Hollywood Reporter Billy Bush about “grabbing pussy” and trying to sleep with a married woman.

The release of the video resulted in Republicans like Senators Kelly Ayotte, John McCain, and Jason Chaffetz taking back their endorsements.

Although neither Speaker of the House Paul Ryan or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have announced that their taking back their support from Trump, they have all but done so.

McConnell has been silent on the matter while Ryan came out and told congressional Republicans to do what is best for them.

Hence, if Republicans need to distance themselves from Trump in order to keep their jobs, then so be it.

For his part, Trump sent out a series of tweets denouncing Ryan and saying that the Republican Party is as bad as “Crooked Hillary.”

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