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Former DA says he and his investigators believe Bill Cosby is guilty
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 16, 2015

During an appearance last Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” former Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney Bruce Castor told host Chris Cuomo that he and his investigators believed Bill Cosby was “guilty” of drugging and rapping Andrea Constand in 2004.

Castor said, “You know-you yourself were in law enforcement and you know when you get a gut instinct about these things. And my people and I thought that he was guilty.”

Constand’s didn’t file her complaint with Castor’s office until a year later, in 2005. According to Castor, the time when the alleged rape occurred and when Constand’s filed a formal complaint with his office made it difficult to successfully prosecute Cosby.

Castor told Cuomo that Pennsylvania’s law requires that the prosecutor has evidence to support statements that a crime has been committed.

Basically, there must also be physical evidence, like DNA evidence, linking the alleged perp with the victim.

Due to Constand’s waiting a year to file her complaint, the evidence that would have been gathered was lost.

Castor made it clear that the lack of physical evidence was not evidence that he believed Cosby was innocent.

The former DA told Cuomo that he decided to use the strategy of not charging Cosby so that he would feel comfortable speaking freely about the situation without the fear of his statements being used against him in a criminal court.

Castor said that he knew the strategy would work because his office had sole jurisdiction over the case.

Castor told Cuomo, “-and it was one of those things that I decided that the best approach when we didn’t have enough evidence to arrest was to try to get half a loaf by making the civil case as good as possible and it appears as though that that worked…So I knew the day would come when he would be under oath and asked these questions and I hoped that would make it so that Andrea Constand’s lawyers would be able to pin him down and get a good recovery for her.”

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