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Fotis Dulos wants his mother-in-law
to give him money
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 10, 2019

This Fotis Dulos human, I tell ya, is a waste of good carbon who now wants his mother-in-law, Gloria Farber, to give him money after he caused her to join the “childless mother” club.

Let Fotis Dulos tell it, Gloria Farber owes him the remaining share of the half million dollars that his father-in-law gave to him while he was married to Jennifer Dulos.

The payments stopped after Hilliard Farber passed away in 2017. About six months after Mr. Farber’s death, Jennifer Dulos filed for divorce from Fotis Dulos who, according to reports, was drowning in debt.

They say this joka has debt totaling more than $5 million dollars. They said he owes over $60,000 in credit cards, about $4.2 million to the bank, and almost $40,000 to Michael Meehan who is the guardian ad litem to the children.

Just so y’all know, the children live with their grandmother, now. As I was saying, ‘That Fotis Dulos joka owes a lot of folks money.’ Now I know, he wants everybody to think he’s the victim of the “Gone Girl” syndrome and that his wife is really alive. But hey, folks don’t just up and disappear out of thin air after dropping their children off at school.

Here, Jennifer Dulos was doing her regular routine and then a whole bunch of blood matching her DNA shows up on her counter and in the car that Fotis Dulos and his woman, Michelle Troconis, were driving around in.

Come on now! Not all of your brain cells have to be working to figure that one out. And the fact that his woman, Michelle Troconis, is helping the police to find his wife, who he says kidnapped herself, says to me that Fotis Dulos is guiltier than the neighborhood butcher holding a real severed head on Halloween.

Mrs. Farber says she isn’t giving Dulos a half a copper penny and that she wants to know where her daughter and the mother of her grandchildren are.

Dulos, though, swears before God that Jennifer Dulo’s daddy gave him a half of million dollars and that all he’s asking for is the rest of the half which stop going into his bank account after his father-in-law died.

Just to pour more salt into the wounds, Dulos there has the nerve to ask the court to get Mrs. Farber to pay him the $1.8 million for his real estate company, which Mr. Farber loaned him the money to start, to build them an 1800 square foot guest house. I have to say that Attorney Mark Dean, who is the trustee of the Farber estate, did say that was money due to Fotis Dulos’ real estate company.

But even with all of that, it doesn’t erase the fact that Mr. Farber gave millions of dollars to Fotis Dulos to start a career and live a life that he wouldn’t’ve lived if he hadn’t latched himself onto Mr. Farber’s daughter, Jennifer Farber. In other words, Fotis Dulos is a leach who attached himself to a woman who could support him in the lifestyle that he wanted. And now that all of the money is gone and he has made his wife a “Girl, Gone,” Dulos wants to play the victim.

“It’s been a long two years and he is very grateful that the harassment by his mother-in-law is finally over. We’re confident we have shown that the Fore Group doesn’t owe the estate anything,” is what his lawyer William Murray fixed his lips to tell “Your Honor.”

Mrs. Farber and her attorney rightfully told them that they don’t want to hear that ying yang. They reminded Your Honor that they are there, standing before him because Fotis Dulos made his wife a girl, gone. “You anticipated gifts even though you had cheated on her daughter and now her daughter is missing?” is what Attorney Richard Weinstein “yelled” at Dulos.

Fotis Dulos has been charged with evidence tampering and lying to the police. The police found blood on Jennifer Dulos’ counter and in a red pickup truck, which belong to one of Fotis Dulos’ workers who works at the Fore Group. Michelle Troconis has moved out of Fotis Dulos house and is now helping the police gather evidence against Fotis Dulos who is looking guiltier than a smoking demon sitting in church on Sunday morning.

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