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Fotis Dulos' girlfriend Michelle C. Troconis is helping the police to search for his wife Jennifer Dulos
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 8, 2019

Somebody should’ve told Fotis Dulos there’s no honor amongst whores and whatever it is he has done to his wife (Jennifer Dulos) that his girlfriend (Michelle C. Troconis) was always going to provide a helping hand to the New Canaan Police and state of Connecticut police and the FBI in their search for Jennifer Dulos.

Just look at any of those crimes shows like American Justice or Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privileged, and Justice, all the whores told because it helped them to shave off time from their prison sentence.

And like her fellow whores, Michelle C. Troconis doesn’t want to spend too much of her time in prison with Big Betty. Freedom is a beautiful thing; especially when it’s going to be taken away.

Unfortunately for Troconis, she has woven herself a tangled web. And oh boy, what tangled web she has woven. Troconis got herself involved with a married man whose wife turned up missing, just two weeks ago on May 24, 2019, after she dropped their five children off at school.

The folks over at the Hartford Courant told everybody that the police have Michelle C. Troconis on camera, watching Fotis Dulos take about 30 bags of trash to a trash bin near one of his properties.

The police looked at the tape, looked at each other, and then back at the tape again while all the while thinking to themselves, “Tampering, lying, and obstructing an investigation.”

The New Canaan police, the state police, and the FBI were smart about this. The po’ po’ didn’t pick up the two travelling whores together and take them to the same police station, unh-unh.

They used the divide and conquer tactic. They took Dulos to one station and Troconis to another. And to top it off, the two whores weren’t even in the same town.

Fotis Dulos was hauled off to Bridgeport, while Michelle Troconis was “paddy wagon” off to New Canaan.

That divide and conquer tactic worked too because Troconis started talking. She talked so that she talked somebody into letting her post the $500,000 bond on Monday, which then led to her going on Thursday to her lawyer Andrew Bowman’s office to talk to State Attorney Richard Colangelo and the police detectives working for the state.

After getting everything sorted out, Michelle C. Troconis rode shotgun with her lawyer to one of Fotis Dulos’ properties that is linked to his home construction business, The Fore Group, where she provided a helping hand in the search for Jennifer Dulos.

Meanwhile, Fotis Dulos is still sitting in prison. I don’t know about y’all but it’s hard to believe that this human who could afford a whore and several houses off the salary he was making from his home construction business couldn’t afford to pay the $500,000 bond that its whore can pay for.

Yes, I did call Fotis Dulos it because it is the proper word to describe anybody running around town in a car with its whore and 30 bags of trash out of the house that it shared with its wife, who so happened to turn up missing after dropping her children off to school.

That’s some Scott Peterson mess right there. And the po’ po’ and the feds know it. That’s probably why it didn’t pay that bond because the state has added more charges like murder and the improper deposing of a human body, which the female whore is providing a helping hand to help the po’ po’ and the feds to find.

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