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Dora The Explorer;

The Anti June Cleaver's Photo

Found in Dora's backpack
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 21, 2018

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Dora take that backpack off. She says she’s an explorer.

But…that backpack ain’t big enough for her to place anything in it that folks typically use for exploring.

Y’all know, things like rulers, papers, maps, compasses, cameras, video cameras, iPhones, iPads, laptops, gloves, masks, a hand shovel, Ziploc bags, and trash bags.

All of that exploring type of stuff. And then that’s another thing, “What is she suppose to be exploring?!”

Is she just exploring her surroundings or is she going on adventures. I asked my little cousin Cindy and she snapped back at me with, “DORA IS EXPLORING LIFE!”

I don’t know what in life she is exploring because I’ve never seen her open up that backpack.

Personally, I think Dora is from the planet Heritia. That’s pronounced [Her (e) sha].

Those living beings on the planet Heritia are a little more advanced than us over here on Earth.

The Heritians send their young to other planets to study the life there. They make sure it’s safe. You don’t want to send a young being to where the Decepticons or Thanos is. That will turn out to be a disastrous shituation. That’s why the adults on Heritia scope out the other planets to see which ones are safe to send their young and their planet’s chaperons to.

As for what’s in that bag, well, I think it’s some small high tech device they use to collect data about our planet and us.

I also think they have a small tracking device in the backpack and in her so they can keep tabs on where she is.

There are those who believe Dora is a normal earthling who is just up to no good.

The “those” I’m talking about are some folks on the Twitter. Go ahead and look down yonder way below there to read what they had to say!

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