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Curb Your Enthusiasm
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Friends Case 

Friends Reunion on HBO Max may
lead to a series reboot worth $1
billion dollars
by Nathan'ette Burdine: February 26, 2020

The word is out that the upcoming Friends Reunion, which is set to air on the streaming network HBO Max, may lead to a series reboot worth $1 billion.

The METRO reported that a source told The Sun about the possible big pay day, “Officially, the deal has been signed for a one-off. But the hope is that once everyone sees how well it’s received and how much love there is for the show, another series will be agreed and commissioned. If this happens, agents will be licking their lips. This will be the kind of small-screen payday the likes of which has never been seen.”

I’m quite sure the Friends cast ( Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer) will love to get that reboot going because that would increase their $1 million an episode pay to $2 million an episode.

That $1 billion can only go so far, now. There are a lot of other folks to pay like the investors, executive producers, producers, directors, writers, assistants, grip folks, and other folks working on the show.

It cost a lot of money to make a $1 billion show. Plus, Warner Media is going to need that $1 billion so they can pay that $425 million they’ll have to pay over a 5-year time period so they can keep those streaming rights to the 90s sitcom. Oh yeah, Warner Media owns HBO Max.

The good news is there are other ways to cover that $1 billion bill so the show can make $1 billion. Those other ways include licensing the movie to other networks and selling Friends’ merchandise.

Hm, it cost a lot of money to make a $1 billion show.


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