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GOP's 1999 favorability rating is still lower than the Dems' 2014 favorability rating
by Nathan'ette Burdine: November 21, 2014

The one thing the Democrats have going for them in the November 12, 2014, Gallup poll is that even with many Americans believing the economy is bad, the concern growing over the rise of the terrorist group ISIS, and the deadly Ebola virus making it to our shores; the Democrats’ 2014 favorability rating did not drop as low as the Republicans’ 1999 favorability rating dropped after the Republican led congress impeached former Democratic President Bill Clinton.

The Republicans’ favorability rating dropped 21 percentage points from 52%, in 1994, to 31%, in 1999; while the Democrats favorability rating rose five percentage points from 52%, in 1994, to 57%, in 1999.

Now, it is true that the Democrats’ favorability rating was a minor increase, just five percentage points, after the Republicans decided to get rid of ole Bill.

It is also true that the dive in the Democrats’ favorability ratings (53%-36%), over a five year period from 2009-2014, is still not lower than the dive the Republicans’ favorability ratings took (52%-31%) from 1994-1999.

Like their Democratic colleagues of today, the Republicans had to regroup and rebrand themselves.

So a group of the House Republicans decided to boot out the man, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who was responsible for the impeachment trials and to replace him with Illinois Rep. John Dennis Hastert.

The move, along with then Texas Gov. George W. Bush becoming president, helped the Republicans to maintain control of the House.

But, it didn’t work out too well for the Senate Republicans who found themselves, from 2001-2007, constantly changing power with their Democratic colleagues.

The Democrats are now going through the same “identity crisis” as their Republican colleagues went through in the early and mid-2000s. And like the Republicans, the Democrats will pull through.

But until that time, the one thing the Democrats can hold their heads up high about is the fact that Americans still believe that impeaching a president for engaging in a little loving on the side is worse than a bad economy, the rise of a terrorist threat, and an incurable virus making it to the U.S.’ shores.

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