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George Will says the English language is
not Donald Trump's best friend
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 15, 2017

During MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” George Will told folks that President Donald Trump has difficulty using the country’s language, English, to express himself to the English speaking folks here in America.

Will said, “It is not really news that the English language is not Mr. Trump’s best friend. He doesn’t express himself fluently.”

George Will’s comment was a response to Willie Geist’s question about why President Trump has so much trouble saying that white supremacist are bad.

Trump’s peddling of the birther conspiracy, his attack on women like Mika Brzezinski and Megyn Kelly, his refusal to speak out against attacks on Synagogues and Mosques, as well as Trump’s condemnation of the Central Park Five and his embrace of the alt-right movement has several folks questioning if Trump is the Hater-in Chief.

Trump, of course, denies that he has any hate in his heart and says that he “loves everybody.”

However, the blaming of the violence and three deaths in Charlottesville on “many sides,” coupled with his past behavior, is quickly cementing folks belief that President Trump is the president of white racist folks only.

Will told Geist that Trump is not fit to heal the nation in times of distress and that there is something within Trump’s being making him behave in such an uncouth manner: “There is something in the president’s make-up that makes him slightly sympathetic to and interested in tip-toeing along the edge of violence. The trouble is you sometimes fall over.”

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