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Georgia is the state to watch
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 10, 2014

Georgia is the state to watch during the November 2014 mid-term elections. Republican Gov. Nathan Deal is in a tight race with his Democratic opponent Jason Carter.

According to an Insider Advantage poll, Deal is leading Carter 43% to 39%. Andrew Hunt, a Libertarian, has 7%, and the undecided votes stand at 11%.

Deal’s slim four percentage point lead over Carter is a sharp contrast from the 22 percentage point lead that Deal held over Carter in January of this year.

Matt Towery, owner of Insider Advantage, said that Deal is headed for a run-off and that he needs the Independent vote and the young people vote in order to avoid a run-off.

Towery noted that although the African-American voters who support Deal or are undecided about Deal is at 35%, history shows that the African-American voters will move over and vote for the Democrat, Carter in this case, during the election.

According to Towery, the problem that Deal faces is that the Independent vote has gone to Andrew Hunt, who represents the Rand Paul Libertarian Wing of the Republican Party.

Deal is viewed as a corporate Republican, business as usual, and his chances of getting the Rand Paul Wing of the Party are slim to none.

As for the young voters, Towery points out that their support is based on “name recognition” and that “name recognition” will not get Deal too far because the young voters tend to stay at home during the mid-term elections.

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