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Giving money to Michael Cohen
is like throwing good at bad
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 11, 2018

I gotta say, “It must be nice to have a $1 million to give to somebody to do nothing without worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills and everything.”

I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t have that type of money to throw at bad. But, folks in Washington D.C. do.

Michael Cohen is a case in point. The word on the on-line is that Cohen was getting approximately $5 million to give access to Donald Trump.

The Fox folks said The New York Times folks told everybody that a Russian billionaire by the name of Viktor Vehselberg paid almost $4.5 million to Cohen’s company Essential Consultants LLC.

The Russian fella , who says Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s crew questioned him on a tarmac, supposedly paid all of this money to Donald John’s lawyer from the month Donald John got elected president to the month he was inaugurated as president.

All of this is bad business because of that Russian investigation that is going on. I must say, “It is not looking good for ol’ Cohen there and it explains why he took the fifth.”

And before I forget, it was also reported that the Russian gave Cohen $130,000 to pay Stormy Daniels not to cause any storms.

Now…we know all of this because of Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti who went on the Twitter and tweeted all of this out.

Cohen saw that and filed a lawsuit against Avenatti saying he was lying like a cross tire about his dealings with the shady Russians.

Unfortunately for Cohen, his Russian problem isn’t the worse of his problems. Word got out that he got the folks over at AT&T to hire him on as a lobbyist, without officially hiring him as a lobbyist, with a sweet pay of $50,000 per month for an entire year.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson got so scared that he just started telling everything like how they hired Cohen to help them get the AT&T TIME Warner merger.

A Federal judge will be looking at that on June 12, 2018. But with all of this unh-unh coming out, I got a feeling the judge is going to stop that merger.

And if that happens, Stephenson will most likely be out the door along with the lobbyist, Bob Quinn, who hired Cohen to do what everybody knew he couldn’t do; which is to give access to Donald Trump.

Cohen never did have the pull with Donald John that he wanted folks to think he had. Evidence of this is the fact that Donald John wouldn’t hire him on as his Chief of Staff.

The word got out that ol’ Cohen wasn’t too happy about that because he thought his role as Donald John’s fixer surely qualified him for the job of the president’s gatekeeper.

The word is also out that Donald John is telling folks that Cohen did all of that with the wealthy Russian and AT&T on his own.

Donald John even went on the Twitter and said he isn’t for that AT&T Time Warner merger.

Plus, Time Warner is the parent company of his favorite fake news channel, CNN, which ol’ Donald John says reports nothing but a lot of covefefe.

Mm-hmm, Donald John done kick Cohen to the curb. Welp, things are about to get even worse for ol’ Cohen there because it is increasingly looking like he set up that company of his in order to hide money from the government.

Those tax laws. They’ll get you every time; especially when you’re not honest about the type of job that you do.

Welp, sucks for Cohen!

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