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Grumpy Cat;

Grumpy Cat's Twitter page 

Grumpy Cat's last tweets
by Nathan'ette Burdine: May 21, 2019

Grumpy Cat has gone on home to that castle in the sky. Don’t be sad. I hear tell she’s living the life up there and that God is her number one fan.

I even heard some angels whispering about how God personally escorted her to the gate and then handed ol’ girl Grumpy Cat there a golden VIB (Very Important Being) ticket. And Grumpy Cat and God are the only two beings who have a golden VIB ticket.

That’s right! Not even the son of God, Jesus himself, has a golden VIB ticket. But then again, Jesus was a rebellious, hard headed little fella who had gotten too big for the robe he was wearing. That’s another story, though.

The point is that God recognizes that Grumpy Cat brought joy to millions of people whose frowns turned into upside downs whenever they looked at Grumpy Cat’s cute little face on a meme expressing how they felt during the day.

The smallest things bring about the biggest changes. Hope you like you angel wings and your halo, Grumpy Cat!

Go on and take a look at Grumpy Cat’s last tweets!


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