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Hahaha is Samuel L. Jackson's
response to Twitter's notification
that he violated its policy
by Nathan'ette Burdine: June 7, 2018

Oh boy, some poor fella complained about Samuel L. Jackson using his famous word, “muthafucka,” to tweet about Donald Trump not knowing the words to the National Anthem.

Twitter sent Jackson a notice, letting him know they investigated the “shituation” but found nothing wrong.

And Jackson, of course, laughed about it and posted the notice on his Instagram account.

Samuel L Jackson Twitter Violation Notice

It is rather funny that some poor fella decided he would get his drawers stuck up in his ass over a tweet that Jackson wrote about Trump.

Hm, maybe Trump was the one who complained. Anyways, who knows?!

Whoever complained to Twitter about Jackson’s tweet obviously doesn’t have anything better to do with his time in a day.

There is one thing that is clear, however, Twitter needs to do a better job in making sure the company’s employees are not using their time to respond to empty complaints.

It’s not harassment when a person is called out for his hypocrisy, which is what Jackson did to Trump.

And the fact that Jackson called Trump a “muthfucka” isn’t harassment either.

That is just an accurate description of a muthfucka who’s doing muthafucka things like starting shit with folks over shit he doesn’t even know about which he should know about.

Yup, the president of the United States needs to know the words to the National Anthem and who burned down the White House in 1812.

Those are things that a middle schooler knows. Therefore, it’s only reasonable that the highest representative of our great nation will know what a 12-year-old knows.

But, we’re stuck with a 71-year-old cantankerous man who’s going through a late-life crisis and who unfortunately knows nothing about nothing. So yeah, we’re stuck with an elderly muthafucka!

Just so y’all know, I have nothing against ol’ folks and I know that not all ol’ folks are “elderly muthafuckas” like Donald Trump is!

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