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Donald Trumps smiling;

Donald Trump 

Hahaha, Donald Trump says
he's "a young vibrant man!"
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 26, 2019

Hahaha, Donald Trump is running around here telling folks that’s he’s "a young vibrant man" at the tender age of 72!

    “I just feel like a young man. I’m so young. I can’t believe it. I’m
     the youngest person. I am a young vibrant man. I look at Joe. I
     don’t know about him,” is what ol’ Donald John told the reporters
     standing outside of the nation’s retirement home for the rich and
     political famous.

That’s right folks. The White House is the official retirement home for folks like Donald Trump who need something else to do in their retirement age.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, this “young vibrant” 72-year-old man wants to spend his “golden” years playing the acting president of the United States of America again.

So far, he’s done what ol’ folks tend to do which is to sit around and cause a lot of ruckus. The “young vibrant” 72-year-old man has shutdown the government, made the situation on the border worse, and has gotten played on the world stage by Crooked Walk Vladimir Putin and North Korean Cartman Kim Jong-un.

But like all ol’ folks, you can’t tell ol’ Donald John he’s been gotten. Donald John will turn around and tell you:

     “Hey, hey, excuse me, excuse me. I wrote the book How to be a
. The Mack came to me to learn how to mack. I’m the
      original Mack Daddy. Ok, I don’t get played. I play.”

That’s Donald John. Welp now, he has two more AARP, Social Security, and Medicare recipients running for president along with him.

It’s just that one of the other ol' timers, Bernie Sanders, actually ran track back in his day while the other ol' timer, Joe Biden, just runs his mouth.

Don’t y’all Biden supporters go getting all mad at me. Y’all know that telling ol’ Joe there anything is like putting it out on social media. Everybody is going to know about it.

Ol’ Joe can’t hold water. Y’all know it. Some of y’all have thought about telling ol’ Joe something and then stopped and said to yourselves, “Nah, I don’t want all of my business out in the streets.” Because y’all know, if ol’ Joe gets a hold of any of y’all’s business then that’s where it will be, out there in the streets. And the streets will tell it, because the streets like to talk.

The whole point is y’all need to look at these younger people, people in their 50s, 40s, and the young folks who are 35. They can walk, run, sit, stand, think, and talk all at the same time. They don’t forget because their brains aren’t in the forgetting phase yet.

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden have a hard time remembering to wake up in the morning.

I tell ya. Y’all need to be a shame of yourselves committing elderly abuse at the highest level by giving these ol’ folks work to do on the world stage when they can’t even get up to walk on the stage.

These ol’ folks need to be at home fishing in a pond, not fishing for a pawn.

It's for that reason that I agree with Donald Trump that young and vibrant and not old and tired is what the country needs.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump, young and vibrant he is not. But old and tired, he has always been.


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