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Two grown men dancing;
Happy is how we
Curb Your Enthusiasm
fans are feeling about Richard Lewis doing an episode of Curb
season 11
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DID Twitter was
trending after it went down for 30 minutes
on Friday
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AMC Theatres to moviegoers-Welcome
Back to the Movies

Two grown men dancing;

Two grown men dancing

Happy is how we Curb Your
Enthusiasm fans are feeling
about Richard Lewis doing
an episode of Curb season 11
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 26, 2021

Hey, guess who’s back?!

How many of y’all begin dancing after hearing that Richard Lewis will be appearing in one episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11?!

The Office Dancing;

Don’t be shy! We all did our lil’ happy dance! We’ve dance so to the point that we’ve become like lil’ children who begin dancing after hearing that they’re going to have “Mickey Ds” for lunch time.

Children Dancing;

And that’s alright because it’s an indication of our love, which we also show with our tweet replies, for Richard Lewis, Larry David, and the entire Curb Your Enthusiasm crew.

Richard Lewis has appeared in all 10 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm alongside Larry David and the rest of the Curb Your Enthusiasm crew.

Richard Lewis is sitting out most of this season because, well, he’s a 73-year-old man whose body decided that it was time to break stuff.

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Y’all have grandparents. Therefore, y’all know how that stuff goes. Grandma wakes up in the morning and her tibia breaks. It’s true…waking up can break a tibia.

I’m not saying that is exactly what happened to Richard Lewis. However, Richard Lewis isn’t a young buck anymore. Therefore, Richard Lewis has to be extra careful whenever he’s doing simple things like waking up in the morning because the slightest movement can cause someone in his age group to have a broken a bone or two.

Although I don’t know what Richard Lewis did to break his bones, I do know that the doctor told him he had to go under the knife three times, once for his back and twice for his shoulder, in order to fix the breakage.

Richard Lewis took it like a champ, though. He underwent the three surgeries and then he went home to do what everybody who’s had three surgeries do which is to sit in the bed and look at Netflix all day.

Being the sprightly fella that he is, Richard Lewis couldn’t just lay up all day catching up on Netflix shows. He had to get up and do something. With the help of his new fury friend, Lila Lewis, Richard Lewis got up and did something.

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As a result of his getting up and doing something, Richard Lewis is back for one episode with the Curb crew. So, get ready for a lot of giggles because they’re a coming!

Due to y’all being such good fellas and gals, here’s a sample from Season 6 Episode 4, The Lefty Call, of LD and Lewis cracking folks up.

    "I’m in very good health. I have a beautiful colon. You want to
     take a picture of it," LD asked Lewis

    "I have a VHS of mine. I’ll have a colon contest anytime you
     want," is what Lewis said to LD.

    "Anytime, you want to have a colon contest, buddy?!"  LD asked

    "You’re shitting and pissing almost 70 times a week…What are you
     eating, a lot of grains, fruits, and nuts? You’re like a juice
     squirrel. Where are you going? You’re not going to the bathroom,
     are you?!" Lewis asked LD.

    "No, I’m not going to the bathroom," LD says to Lewis

    "You are going to the bathroom," is what Lewis said to LD.

LD and Lewis are a hoot together, I tell ya! A hoot!


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