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Convicted Rapist Harvey Weinstein walking with a walker

Harvey Weinstein 

Harvey Weinstein's poor me victim
game didn't work on the judge who
gave him 23 years in prison
by Nathan'ette Burdine: March 16, 2020

The “poor me victim” game that Harvey Weinstein tried playing on the court didn’t work on Judge James Burke who sentenced the former Hollywood executive to 23 years in prison for third degree rape (3 years) of aspiring actress Jessica Mann and first degree criminal sexual act (20 years) against former Project Runway Assistant Mimi Haley.

There Weinstein was walking with a walker, all humped over, moving every bit of his 67 years, hoping and praying that somebody would take pity on an ol’ man who’s done nothing but live his life by trying to help young and upcoming female talent to achieve their goals through the “front and back doors.”

Surely the court would see the error in their judgement when they laid eyes upon this frail, ol’ man who was just trying to lend a helping hand to young “underserving” girls who would have been sent back home to work in the local Waffle House if they didn’t have his guiding hand resting on their bosoms. Or better yet, as Harvey Weinstein’s 69-year-old lawyer Brad Brafman put it, “Mr. Weinstein did not invent the casting couch in Hollywood.”

That’s right folks. Brafman wanted the court to see Weinstein as just another victim of the Hollywood system. Let Brafman tell it, all Weinstein was trying to do was help those young women to not be victimize by the same system that victimize him.

If only the court could have seen all of that while the women described how Weinstein grabbed their breasts and then raped them. But the court didn’t see none of that, no sir.

What the court did see was a powerful man using his position in order to force women into his “favorite position.” Now, I’ma be honest with y’all. If we were back some 10 years ago, the court never would’ve looked at this case.

Come to think of it, the court didn’t look at the case because Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., told Martha Bushford, who is chief of the DA’s sex crime unit, to drop Ambra Battilana’s case.

Battilana is one of the women who accused Weinstein of grabbing her breasts and trying to finger her before she got away. She told the police and they all told the DA’s office. But a lot of folks say that DA Vance said no after Weinstein’s lawyer David Boies greased his palms with $10,000.

Vance has told everybody that he did no such thing. It’s just that a lot of folks don’t believe him because he looks like a slithering reptilian who would do such things. It also doesn’t help Mr. D-A Vance one bit that a lot of folks are saying that he got rid of the state’s case against Donald Trump’s eldest children, Donald Jr., and Ivanka, after Michael Cohen gave him $31,000 to look the other way.

Y’all know Michael Cohen. He’s the dude who’s sitting in a federal prison after getting caught lying about doing all of Donald Trump’s dirty work. Lying and doing dirty work will get you a lengthy stay in prison, now.

Hm, Lady Justice will really be working if this Harvey Weinstein case leads to Cyrus Vance getting that Michael Cohen treatment due to his “lies and dirty deeds” that led to justice being delayed for Harvey Weinstein’s victims.


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