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Here is a list of what to bring
to a weed party
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 19, 2018

Every party has its own requirements. With children, you need candy, cake, ice cream, pizza, soda, clowns, presents, a piñata, and a bat.

A block party has folks in the neighborhood, a grill, hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, balls, baseball bats, and lawn chairs.

A Welcome Home party is a little more complicated because it depends upon who you’re welcoming home.

If you’re welcoming home a mother and her newborn baby, then you just need some family members, Sunday dinner food, and some sweet ice tea.

But if you’re welcoming Key Key home from prison, then you’re gonna need a backyard, picnic tables, a grill, ribs, dominos, liquor, blunts, his boys, and some bulldogs.

Like all of those parties there, a Mary Jane party has its own requirements.

And the good folks over there at 420.CanniLive want y’all to know what y’all should bring when y’all are hanging out with Mary Jane.

The list is pretty simple. It includes the necessities like papers, pipes, bongs, munchy food, lighters, and most importantly Mary Jane.

Now…I know this will be the first time for some of y’all who’ll be hanging out with Mary Jane.

But don’t worry, smoking weed will come as naturally to you as eating a cheeseburger did.

I’m quite sure that more than half of you will have the munchies for a cheeseburger.

FYI, don’t get into y’all’s car and go over there to White Castle to get their cheeseburgers. That stuff will give you explosive shits, like it did Harold and Kumar.

White Castle’s cheeseburgers will turn your white castle into a muddy hut. So, stay away from that.

Now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way, go on and look down below there at 420.CanniLive’s Let’s Get High Party list.

I promise y'all will always use it.

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