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Legionnaires' disease;
Ohio becomes the
second state where
a person died from the Legionnaires outbreak
`19-year-old Utah man who ran over an 11-year-old girl;
19-year-old allegedly told witnesses that drugs made him run over an 11-year-old girl
CBS This Morning William Barr Speaking with Jan Crawford about Robert Mueller's Russian Investigation Report;
William Barr says a "high level group" is being formed to counter foreign interference into the 2020 Presidential Election

Captain Planet and Wheeler Earth Day message;

Wheeler and Captain Planet

Here's an important message from
Captain Planet and Wheeler about
Earth Day
by Nathan'ette Burdine: April 22, 2019

Captain Planet and Wheeler Earth Day message;

Wheeler is right. Folks don't need
to be littering around here.

Y'all don't keep y'all's houses nasty.
So why would y'all keep y'all's home
planet nasty?!

That's right folks! This planet called
Earth is our home. It's our house.

Therefore, treat it as such.

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