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Hillary Clinton talked about Vladimir Putin
like he's the biggest mitch of them all
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 20, 2017

If last night you watched the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you got the chance to hear former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talk about Russian President Vladimir Putin like he is the biggest mitch of them all.

Just like a mitch, Putin whines and complains about any and everything. And what he tends to whine and complain about the most are democracies and the women folk.

Clinton told Colbert that Putin’s dislike for democracies is why he would often “berate” the U.S.

That’s why when Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state, Putin got red hot mad with her when she started telling the citizens of Russia that they are human beings who have a natural right to vote for who they want to represent them.

Putin was like, “Nuh-uh, they aren’t about to stop my shine.” Putin’s shine is very important to him. He has to be the best dressed, most fit, and sexiest human in the room.

Putin loves dressing in suits that cost more than folks make in a month and he loves walking around with no shirt on.

He just has to be the center of attention. Sounds like a mitch, doesn’t it? Welp, that’s Putin. It’s also why Putin doesn’t like the women folk that much.

Whenever women walk in the room, they get the attention. And one thing Putin can’t have is anyone getting the attention that should be given to him.

That’s why I believe Putin became, as Clinton says, “agitated” with the former secretary of state not because of her wanting the Russian people to vote for their representatives; but because her opinion caused the attention to be taken away from Putin and placed on her.

Check out the video below to hear how Clinton describes Putin’s mitch behavior.

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