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IMDb Favorite Horror Movie Villains;
IMDb wants to know who is your favorite horror movie villain

IMDb Favorite Horror Movie Villains;

Clockwise:Pinhead, Jason, Candyman, Gage, and Freddy

IMDb wants to know who is your
favorite horror movie villain
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 4, 2020

IMDb asked and the people answered!

And as y’all can see, Mr. Candyman himself, Tony Todd, and the IMDb folks all joined in on the fun.

I was thinking about giving Hellraiser’s Pin Head or Freddy Krueger the distinctive honor. But, they don’t scare me as much as Gage from Pet Sematary does. When you see first see Gage, you don’t think, “Ah hell, run!” You think, “Aw, he’s so cute.” You can’t help but be unassuming!

Here we have this cute, undead toddler looking like little boy blue, running around with a smile and a scalpel behind his little back.

Pet Sematary Gage Dressed as Little Boy Blue with a Top Hat and A Kane;

There are no signs that this kid is about to kill you. All you see are cute little pudgy cheeks, those big brown eyes, and that cute smile.

As little Gage is running towards you, you kneel down with your arms out, open wide, thinking that you’re going to get a hug and a chance to squeeze those little pudgy cheeks and say, “I got you. I got you. Yes I do! Yes I do! I got you.” But what Gage does is run towards you and slash your throat faster than what Freddy does with those finger knives of his. “Hehehe, I got you! I got you! Yes I do! Yes I do! I got you,” is what the little boy in blue with the scalpel says to you.

You can’t prepare for that. There’s no time to run because Gage’s cuteness got you caught like a deer in the headlights. Whereas with Pinhead, Freddy, or Jason, you can run because you’re expecting them. You know when they’re coming. You can hear them. You can smell them. You can feel them and you can see them. Plus, they’re not cute. They’re ugly ass grown men with problems they’re trying to work out by killing you.

And that’s another thing. Gage isn’t trying to work out any problems. He just likes killing. And whenever he’s not able to do his fun killing he tells you, “That’s not fair.”

Kids, they die and then they come back as murderers, sometimes.

Pet Sematary Gage with a Scalpel in His Hand;


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