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Lucifer Twin Michael Ginning In The Mirror

Lucifer Twin Michael

Is Michael the real reason why the
Goddess asked God to send Lucifer
to hell?!
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 25, 2020

Y’all’ve seen the Season 5 Trailer of Lucifer?! Yeah, you’ve seen it. You’ve seen it too. And you’ve seen it. So y’all know that Lucifer (Twin Lucifer, Pretty Twin Lucifer) has a twin named Michael (Twin Michael, Mitch Twin, Evil Twin).

Now, I know there are plenty of questions running through y’all’s minds about Michael. Questions like, “Why didn’t Mama Goddess or Amenadiel mention that Michael is Lucifer’s twin?! And who really pissed God off to the point that Mama Goddess told Daddy God to send Twin Lucifer and not Twin Michael to hell?!” “Your Father never sent you to hell. I did…I did it to save your life,” is what Mama Goddess told Lucifer, during the Season 2 “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire” episode, when they were standing on the balcony of LUX.

Those are two valid questions especially when considering the fact that neither Mama Goddess or Amenadiel ever whispered that Lucifer has a twin named Michael.

And that, folks, is something you don’t let slip your mind. Whether they’re human or divine, identical twins are special and everybody in the family tells everybody outside the family that they have them.

You know somebody with twins, don’t you?! Yeah, you do. What do they do?

    “We have twin boys, Shaun and Don. They’re identical. They’re 35,
     now. They had spring weddings. We’re so proud of our boys. You
     want to see a picture?”

There you are standing there, looking at pictures of Twin Shaun and Twin Don from when they were in a stroller to when they were strolling down the aisle. But that’s what folks do whenever they have twins. They want to tell you everything about them.

Mama Goddess and Amenadiel, unh-unh. We ain’t heard a peep out of them about Twin Michael. Well…let me take that back, we did hear a peep out of Amenadiel about Michael when he was telling Dr. Linda that they would “definitely not” name their baby angel Michael; which was an indication that there is something wrong with Michael.

In other words, that would’ve been a good time for Amenadiel to tell Dr. Linda that twins, an evil one at that, is something that runs in his divine family.

Women need to know stuff like that just in case they’ve already decided to mate with you again.

They need to know that your divine genetics produces identical twins, with one being evil. It helps the women folks to better prepare.

But most importantly, it helps them to make an inform decision about the mating process. Amenadiel, for some reason or another, has yet to tell Dr. Linda that engaging with him in the ceremonious activity of baby making could very well lead to them reproducing identical twins, with one growing up to become Dr. Evil.

And I’m quite sure that’s something Dr. Linda will want to know before she decides to lay in her bed or office with Amenadiel again.

Another thing that should get y’all’s wheels a turning is the fact that big brother Amenadiel can’t tell the difference between Twin Michael and Twin Lucifer. What did Amenadiel say to Twin Michael, “You’re back?”

Folks, just stop and think about that for a moment. Why would somebody ask somebody if he were back when he knows he’s not back? You don’t ask that question of somebody when you know who you’re talking to.

That there begs the question of if Daddy God and Mama Goddess’ eldest and smartest child, Amenadiel, can’t tell the difference between Twin Lucifer and Twin Michael then who else can’t tell the difference between the two? Can Mama Goddess tell the difference? Can Papa God tell the difference? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?!

Yeah it makes you wonder because you start putting one and one together and saying to yourself that the fact these godly folks can’t tell Twin Lucifer and Twin Michael apart is enough to say that it’s plausible that Twin Michael went around masquerading as Twin Lucifer when he was raising all of that Cain that got Twin Lucifer kicked out of heaven.

It’s no telling what Twin Michael did. He probably superglued God to His Throne. Twin Michael could’ve placed Ex-Lax in God’s two piece chicken dinner.

Heck, Twin Michael could’ve walked in the holy room one night, posing as Twin Lucifer, put his finger over God’s nose while he was sleeping, and then poked Him with Azrael’s blade.

That there, one of His children using the blade of death to play pokey with Him, would’ve been enough to make God kick somebody out the house.

Now, I’m not saying that is exactly what happened. What I am saying, though, is that Mitch Twin Michael is a low down dirty jealous so and so who’ll do anything, like poking his Daddy with Azrael’s blade, in order to bring hell to Lucifer’s life.

Evidence of this is the fact that Mitch Twin Michael is having relations with his brother’s ol’ lady, Chloe.

And let me tell you something folks, any man who’d pass himself off as his twin brother in order to lay with his twin brother’s ol’ lady is a man who’ll masquerade around as his twin brother in order to get him put out the house.

Speaking of sleeping with other folks’ women, God does that one all the time. As a matter of fact, it’s the main reason why Lucifer sees his Father who art in heaven as a hypocrite who refuses to admit that the temptations of the human female flesh is the reason why “Papa is a rolling stone” and “wherever He lays his godly hat” a new baby is born.

Pretty Twin Lucifer doesn’t like that. No sir! He doesn’t like the fact that Mama Goddess has papers on Daddy God. Yet, She and the rest of the heavenly creation that resulted from the “Big Bang” under a starry moonlit sky are placed aside for all of God’s earthly babies and baby mamas on the side.

Lucifer just couldn’t take it anymore. So he did the very thing that human Jr. would do once he found out that his daddy had sent the county population sky high. He confronted him about it. Or as King James would say, “he rebelled!”

Y’all know parents, though. Just telling them about their wrong is you rebelling against them. Heck, they even say you’re rebelling against them when you refuse to wash the dishes. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprise if Lucifer’s “rebellion” against Daddy God was nothing more than Lucifer getting in a shouting match with his Daddy about Him wanting he, his Mama, and brothers and sisters to take care of all of Daddy God’s earthly babies and baby mamas.

    “Here we are thinking You’re out in the garage working on a new
     project that will benefit our family. But you were busy populating
     the bloody Earth with Your divine serum. And here You tell me to
     just accept that. Well, I won’t. I won’t accept them. And I won’t
     accept You,” is what Lucifer more than likely said.  

    “This is My House! I can let as many of My youngins in My House
     as I want. You can get out if you don’t like the way I do my
     business around hea! Let the door hit you, where I split you,” is
     what God more than likely told His son.

God raised His hand to smite Lucifer out of existence, but Mama Goddess jumped in front of Him, “No, No, He’s just a child. He knows not what he says.”

    “I know what I say, Mother.”

     “Lucifer! Please!”

God looked at Mama Goddess and then He stared down Lucifer who stared Him down back. “Boy, you better be glad your Mama’s here. Because if She weren’t, I’d turn you into a particle,” is what God more than likely told His son. God didn’t turn Lucifer into a particle, on that day, but God did go to His room to take a prayer from one of His earthly baby mamas.

While all of that was going on, Twin Michael was standing quietly behind the kitchen door listening, grinning from one ear to the other because he knew that the dust up between God and Lucifer had given him the perfect opportunity to get rid of Pretty Twin Lucifer.

Remember when Twin Michael said that he wants to “take everything Lucifer has and destroy it?!”

So it’s not so far fetch to think that due to Twin Michael being the mitch that he is, he saw Pretty Twin Lucifer’s and God’s argument as the perfect opportunity for him to twist Lucifer’s words in order to get his big brothers Amenadiel and Gabriel all ginned up so they’d help him to kick his Pretty Twin out of heaven.

Therefore, it’s not so far fetch to think that Lucifer’s “rebellion” was nothing more than him fussing with Daddy God and refusing to help his brothers to handle an issue tthat one of Daddy God’s earthly baby mamas told Him about in that prayer He took.

And Michael, being the mitch that he is, more than likely misrepresented that as being something it was not, like a rebellion against God, in order to get Pretty Twin Lucifer kicked out of the house.

Fast forward several millennials ahead to 2020 AD to the human City of Angels where Lucifer has finally found the life, family, and friends that neither heaven or hell could provide.

Twin Lucifer has a job with the LAPD, several homes around LA, his ol’ lady Chloe, her baby Trixie, Ella, his big brother Amenadiel and his family, Dr. Linda and baby angel Charlie, and Mazikeen. Oh yeah, there’s also Dan who’s just feeling big feelings, and rightfully so, about Charlotte going to heaven.

Now, I know Ella says Twin Lucifer “can go to hell” because he has just up and left them all behind without a goodbye text or nothing.

But, Ella is a softy who Azrael (Rae Rae)…speaking of Rae Rae, y’all know that neither Rae Rae or Uriel, the one Lucifer killed for Mama Goddess and Chloe, never mentioned Evil Twin Michael.

What’s going on with those supernaturals?! Why don’t they ever talk about the evil twin?! Is it because he’s evil?! Whatever it is, I’m sure we’ll find out a little bit about it next year during the other half of Season 5.

Welp, back to what I was saying before about Ella. “Ella is a softy who Azrael (Rae Rae)” purposefully sent to LA because she knew that Ella and Lucifer would be good friends to each other.

As a matter of fact, Lucifer and Ella have become such good friends that Ella sees Lucifer as her bro. “Any bro of Lucifer’s, is a bro of mine,” is what Ella told Amenadiel after she first met him.

So yeah, Ella will be cool with Twin Lucifer whenever he returns from his divine duties in hell because Lucifer is family and you don’t turn your back on family; even when family is the devil.

Twin Michael, on the other hand, unh-unh. Evil Twin Michael sees “any bro of Lucifer” as an enemy of his.

Needless to say, Evil Twin Michael ain’t gonna like the fact that big brother Amenadiel and Lucifer have gone back to their pre-rebellion days when they liked each other.

That right there will lead to Evil Twin Michael cooking up something evil in that angelic dome of his. Something evil like getting Gabriel to kidnap baby Charlie so he, Evil Twin Michael, can use him as leverage in order to get Amenadiel to help him finally destroy “everything” that Lucifer has.

And with Pretty Twin Lucifer reigning in hell again, Evil Twin Michael has the perfect opportunity to end what he started in heaven by finally putting an end to his other half by destroying the life that Pretty Twin Lucifer has in the human City of Angels.


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