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It's Christmas!!!!!
by Nathan'ette Burdine: December 25, 2017

It’s Christmas 2017!!!!! Y’all know what that means. It’s the time to spend with your family and to see the smiles come across your children’s faces after they see the gifts you bought them.

The joy you get from the “Thank you mommy” and “Thank you daddy” is almost like the joy you got when you first met the little human after he or she was born.

If only they knew, the type of work that you do just to hear them say, “I love you.” The things parents will do throughout the year just to bring their kids some Christmas cheer. It’s something I tell ya! Something it is!

Then there are the folks who are in a grown folks’ relationship. These folks have to buy gifts for the also very, very, very special folks in their lives.

The men folks get the women folks that diamond bracelet with the matching earrings and necklace from Jared.

The women folks buy the men folks tickets to go see their favorite NFL team play. And when the men folks get home their favorite meal is on the table and the women folks have agreed to do that also special something they rarely do. Yes, this is a grown up blog.

The men folks are very happy, the women folks are very happy, and the kids are very happy. And the dog is also very happy because he got a new bone and bowl. Everybody’s just happy, happy, happy.

Mm-hmm, everybody is sitting in the house smiling and watching It’s A Wonderful Life. And “It’s A Wonderful Life” until y’all remember all that y’all have to do after Christmas is over.

Y’all have to remember to return those gifts that y’all didn’t want so y’all can get y’all’s money back.

All of those Christmas lights y’all put up yesterday have to be taken down. Mm-hmm, there’s a lot of work to be done; especially for y’all grown folks who have children who are out of school for another week.

Anybody 12 and under needs a babysitter, while those who are 13 to 17 need a chaperon.

Y’all know y’all’s kids. They have to break all of those new toys in with a friend or two.

The elementary age children convince you that they should have a slumber party before school begins next week, while the older kids just go ahead and have a party after you leave.

“Hey man, what y’all doing?! My mama job sent her out of town. She won’t be back until the weekend. Y’all can come over here,” is what your older kids say to their friends.

They never mind the fact that all of that money you spent on their iPhones, iPads, new outfits, and new cars is gone.

So any money that must be used to fix all the damages they’re about to cause to your house must come out of next year’s Christmas allowance that you won’t start making until next year.

Yes, today is Christmas; December 25, 2017. It is that also special time of the year when you use the little bit of money that you made during the year to show those in your life just how much you truely care.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Y'all!!!!!

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